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Dumb Office 2011 for Macs question - forgive my ignorance!

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snottagecheese Fri 14-Nov-14 15:02:44

So I downloaded and installed this a month ago on a free trial, but now want to buy the package outright (no monthly subscription, that's just daft, right?).

Thing is, I don't want to buy direct from Office as I know there are cheaper deals out there (anyone know any? Mr High Tec is currently selling for £70, are they reputable?!). So if I buy over the net will it try to reinstall it, and will that cause problems with what's already there, or will my laptop "know" the software is already installed and just ask me for the product key to unlock it? Or should I uninstall the package I already have? I just don't know...

Thanks in advance for any help!

Cindy34 Sat 15-Nov-14 09:13:05

Not used MrHighTech but it looks genuine. It is download only, thus why price is lower than elsewhere I guess.

Cindy34 Sat 15-Nov-14 09:22:20

Looks like there may be an issue with the payment processor being used. Based in China.

Cost is more at JohnLewis but at least you may trust them more.

NetworkGuy Sat 15-Nov-14 22:48:37

One aspect of the monthly subscription for Office will be 1 TB of storage (1000 GB) on OneDrive. I think business Office users may get unlimited storage, and everyone will get unlimited when Windows 10 is launched next year, so the subscription model might not be that silly after all...

Don't know what the differences will be in usability on a Mac unfortunately (I know that under the subscription model Access will only be available under Windows).

Agree with Cindy that John Lewis may be a better option.

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