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Shall I return new PC that showed the blue death screen thrice today?

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MamaMed Thu 06-Nov-14 18:32:43

I bought a new PC. Its a high end spec one (SSD and 16GB RAM). But its shown the blue death screen thrice today.

I'm still within the return period. Should I return it and get a MAC instead? Really can't take any more stress!

Artistic Thu 06-Nov-14 22:12:39

Return! ASAP! The motherboard is defective!

What you get instead is up to you, but it's just the given piece that's defective, not the type of computer you've purchased.

MamaMed Fri 07-Nov-14 13:48:00

Artistic, a computer expert friend I spoke to said that it's just a driver missing, which she can put on, and not a hardware fault.

Could that be true?

ProbablyMe Fri 07-Nov-14 13:57:58

In my experience once they start showing issues they don't stop and you shouldn't have to be doing stuff to a brand new, high spec PC. Take it back.

MamaMed Fri 07-Nov-14 13:58:42

Thank you both! It's going back.

NetworkGuy Sat 08-Nov-14 09:26:46

I wouldn't suggest getting a Mac instead (I use Mac, Windows and linux on a dozen plus machines), simply because one system was duff. I won't speculate on why that went wrong, but given the price tag, it should be quite easy for the vendor to replace it with another after your experience. If a second was giving similar problems, then switch to a different brand (and vendor, perhaps) but the Apple option would probably cost 2x or 3x for similar spec, and while great systems in general, as a 'new' purchase, I'd say pretty much everything Apple is overpriced (and they restrict user upgrades so they can charge OTT prices for the next model up with more storage).

While you friend is intending to be helpful, if it's a new machine, better to get it replaced than go delving into why it went wrong, in my view. (There can be no finger pointing about someone "messing with it" if friend isn't involved.)

forago Sat 08-Nov-14 13:26:28

Even if is just a driver missing, that shoudnt be the case on a new PC with a fresh install of the OS - replace and possibly use a different vendor

Artistic Sat 08-Nov-14 23:57:18

OP - I've done this grand mistake of going to a friend to have a new laptop fixed coz of a error. Never got it working well for several years. Then instead of junking it, put some money in it to change motherboard & have everything formatted. Now works! But wish I'd just returned it & got a working smooth piece & saved myself years of fixes!!

technodad Thu 13-Nov-14 07:25:18

There are thousands of components in a PC which could cause a BSOD. On a new PC with a clone image of the operating system it is far more likely to be a component failure than a missing driver.

Hopefully you have already taken it back, but if not, make sure you do!

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