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Xbox 360 to Xbox One

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Shoegal0305 Sun 02-Nov-14 18:54:09

So my son just had his birthday asked everyone for money and has now got enough for this illustrious amazing thing that is the Xbox One(????)!!!!
I'm a single parent and fairly conputer/gadget literate. Went into Game and they said if he traded in his Xbox 360 he can get £100 off the One. Seems a no brainer to me!!!
Anyway just had a huge row as son says he wants to KEEP the 360 as all his minecraft worlds are on it etc etc?? I googled it and to transfer the worlds you have to go onto your gaming profile on the 360, then 'upload to Xbox one' upon which you log onto Xbox One and pull this info onto it???
It may as well have been in Japanese as I don't understand it AT ALL! My argument is he needs to trade the 360 in as it'll be less money to pay out plus his small room (and TV) doesn't have the room for both consoles!!!! His argument is he needs the 360 in case he wants to chat to friends via Xbox Live who DONT have the Xbox one? Apparently if you have the 360 you can't chat via Xbox live to those on the Xbox One???
I have told him we will go up town after school tomorrow to chats to the guys in Game as I know diddly squat???

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