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Samsung S5 or Note 4

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Bizkit Fri 31-Oct-14 10:29:14

Ok due an upgrade have had iphone for years, but due to them cutting back the 32gb model the iPhone 6 has now become unaffordable to me.

I've been looking at the s5 and the note 4, the note looks the superior phone and would cost me an extra 5quid a month for the contract I like it but the size is really putting me off! Any body else have a note did u get used to the size?
The s5 also looks good and the size is better but the build quality and sound don't seem to get a good wrap, however would not cost me any more per month.

I do have an android tablet and to be honest I didn't get on with it that well but have got used to it though the os is defiantly lacking but I think well hoping the phones will be better!

I mainly use phone for photos, videos, music and web browsing,,like the idea of the s pen but realistically how often will I use it?

antimatter Sat 01-Nov-14 00:59:10

do you need note?
i can see myself changing in the future from s5 to the next generation note if I was to use my phone as a tablet

quality of photos on s5 are excellent, can't comment on note though

niceguy2 Sat 01-Nov-14 11:36:18

I used to have a Note and loved it. However I have since swapped to the LG G3 which is a very similar size to the Samsung S5.

The main reason was the size. The note was great as a phablet. But after a while you do get sick of the size. Back when I got mine, it was the Note or the S3 and the difference in screen size was massive. However the S5 screen is much bigger now and in my opinion it's a real viable alternative to the Note.

That said...I'd check out the LG G3. I've been a Samsung fan for years but the LG G3 is much better looking/feeling. The Samsung is very functional but I much prefer the looks of the G3

bigTillyMint Sat 01-Nov-14 13:21:28

I have just got an S5 and I love it.

What do you want to be able to do on it?

Nightwish Sat 01-Nov-14 13:31:33

I have a Note 3.I love it.
I don't find the size bothers me at all and you get used to it really quickly. Functionality wise it it great for all sorts of things as well as being a phone.
However if you want a phone to fit in your pocket it is not the phone for you.

I religiously used the S-pen at first during lectures to write up notes but after a while found it was actually quicker to type using the one-screen keyboard which I still do now. I do use the S-pen but mostly for things such as games.

The size of the screen is really beneficial for web browsing and videos I think. The camera is pretty decent for taking photos and videos, I use it as my main camera. And for music is has expandable storage so if you need it you can get it but most people tend to stream music now.

Once my contract runs out on this I would definitely get the newest Note available. Hopefully it will be the Note 5 by then. Samsung are great, would always go for it over Apple.

Bizkit Sat 01-Nov-14 18:52:24

thanks, yeh not sure how often I would use the s pen, and thats really the major difference between the two I think.
looked at a friends note 2 again yesterday and I think I would get used to the size quite quickly, still undecided hmm

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