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Netflix Parental Controls

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froomeonthebroom Tue 21-Oct-14 10:01:26

Does anyone know how to set these up?

As far as I can tell, I can create different profiles that can access different film ratings but once you are signed in to your account you can access all the profiles.

How is that going to stop a child from watching inappropriate content?

froomeonthebroom Tue 21-Oct-14 10:04:23

Actually I feel so strongly about this that I think MN should campaign for better controls!

All it would take would be a password for every film over a PG rating for eg. Not that hard surely?

mouselittle Tue 21-Oct-14 19:14:31

I've been looking for them too. The only control there is on my TV is a password to use Netflix but that's because I'm watching through a tivo box, nothing to do with Netflix itself.

its also annoying that even though I use the kids option for DD shows, her recommendations (Disney etc) show up in the adult section. angry

froomeonthebroom Wed 22-Oct-14 08:31:06

I had a Web chat with them yesterday and the lady I spoke to said she would pass on my comment.

Primrose123 Wed 22-Oct-14 08:42:35

Yes, I was surprised at the lack of parental controls on netflix too. I'd be interested to see if anything changes.

Bumblebzz Fri 09-Jan-15 09:43:10

I've just been online with Netflix complaining about this. It a serious oversight - the "profiles" offer zero protection.
I am getting increasingly worried about my child accidentally seeing content such as Dexter etc.
I work in Tech and implementing a simple pIn code would not be difficult, I do not see why Netflix hasn't already done this...

Bumblebzz Fri 09-Jan-15 09:46:09

They say they are working on this but they cannot even give me a release schedule/date.

I think I will link to this thread in CHat as I think many people probably believe the "profiles" offer some level of protection more than they really do.
Perhaps some lobbying or a petition could kick Netflix into caring about child protection.

FlowerFairy2014 Tue 13-Jan-15 10:50:20

I don't impose parental controls so not an issue for me but the general privacy issue exists. The only solution would be to pay for two separate accounts.

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