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Recovering accidently deleted video from a samsung galaxy s3 mini

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AmberLeaf Mon 12-May-14 13:15:24

I would like to recover a video I accidently deleted from my phone, I have googled and found various software 'tools' to do this, but they all cost upwards of £30.

Does anyone know of one that doesn't cost loads or preferably is free? I don't want to pay out and then find it doesn't work either!

Any advice on this would be appreciated.


AmberLeaf Mon 12-May-14 17:43:44


niceguy2 Wed 14-May-14 11:43:55

What sort of phone is it?

Assuming it's an Android then you could mount it as an external USB drive then use Recuva to see if it can find it.

It would have been best if you did it straight away. The longer you leave it, the worse your chances are.

AmberLeaf Wed 14-May-14 17:39:21

Yes, it's an Android. 4.1.2. [whatever that means!]

I read about there being less chance of recovery over time/use. I haven't used the camera at all since the deletion.

I'll have a look at that link, Ive seen a few but not that one. Is that a good one? do you know much about the Drfone for android one, when I've googled that one keeps coming up.


ellyzaz Wed 14-May-14 18:58:53

I think niceguy2's solution is better, plug it into your computer and run data recovery software on there. And the less chance of recovery over time isn't just the camera, every time anything writes new data to the SD card the chance of your recovery decreases. So do it sooner rather than later!

AmberLeaf Wed 14-May-14 19:57:52

Ah right, thanks.

Re SD card, my phone doesn't have one, the phones memory has always been enough [think its about 4GB] does that make any difference?

The drfone for android is for using via laptop/PC too, I can see that may not have been clear from my last post.

Anlyli Mon 01-Feb-16 03:45:12

Here is easy-to-use tools for data recovery on android .You can get back some important messages, contact details, important notes, audio files, videos, music etc. from android phone.

user1472722948 Thu 01-Sep-16 10:52:32

I think this method works for recovering deleted videos from Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6.

1. Connect you Samsung phone to computer with an USB cable
2. Launch Samsung Data Recovery program
3. Scan the lost data from your Samsung Galaxy S3
4. Recover deleted videos from Samsung phone by clicking the "Recover" button .
This way with Samsung Data Recovery allows you to select other files like contacts, text messages, photos, call logs, apps, etc to recover as you like.

Read more: How to Recover Deleted Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5

user1479458488 Fri 02-Dec-16 09:43:05

To recover lost videos from samsung galaxy, you should use an app to help before they were covered by new data. Read this to know more:

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