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iTunes app on other apple products

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Sneezecakesmum Mon 21-Apr-14 13:58:03

I have paid for an app and it is on my ipad. I want to transfer it to another ipad. Can I do this? Don't want to pay again

Hadmeathello Mon 21-Apr-14 14:02:33

Is the other ipad yours? Does it use the same itunes account? If so, go to App Store on the new device, search for the app and you'll be able to download it for free.

Sneezecakesmum Mon 21-Apr-14 17:56:12

Yes it's another ipad for a child, but belongs to me. It uses the same itunes account as I've downloaded an app onto it.

I'll give it a go. Thanks

I'm reclaiming my ipad!

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