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Virginmedia e mail trouble for last week

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HappydaysArehere Tue 15-Apr-14 17:23:05

Sorry you are having trouble. I can't receive or send.

trumpfamily Tue 15-Apr-14 16:58:09

My virgin e-mail looks strange (spaced differently and font different). The text keeps jumping around too, hopefully resolved soon. I'll log it as a problem based on your comments.

HappydaysArehere Tue 15-Apr-14 15:48:01

Spent about two hours on phone last week trying to get e mails going again. At long last success that only lasted about 30 mins. The trouble is I can't get virginmedia e mails and I am registered with mumsnet on that e mail. I therefore cannot change my password and I cannot use the original password as it says it is incorrect. In the normal way I could get it confirmed by e mail. In order to write this I have had to re register using my yahoo e mail address. Has anyone got any info on the trouble with Virgin. A few days ago I saw on web that they were having trouble but were working on solving it. You can only get in touch by telephone and this is such a long, drawn out process that I can't face it at the moment. Any help or experience of same would be really great. I have emailed my predicament to mumsnet but presume they are overwhelmed at present time.

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