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Will using Bluetooth in the car with my iPhone use up data?

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We have just got a new car and I've connected my iPhone to it using Bluetooth to play Spotify.

I gleefully told my son how clever I am and he said 'make sure it isn't using all your data'.

Now, as you can probably tell I really don't understand how this works and Googling has only confused me further.

So - my question is, will using Bluetooth in the car use up my data allowance?

CelticJuggler Fri 11-Apr-14 17:14:25

Not using Bluetooth for calls (it's just a high tech call transfer feature), but if you're online with Spotify, then yes Spotify will use your data allowance.

Thankyou, I expect that's what he meant.

If I set Spotify to offline mode then I assume it won't use data?

CelticJuggler Sun 13-Apr-14 08:08:22

Correct; if it's Spotify premium you can download music so it won't eat data.

I'm just too cheap to do that! grin

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