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what payg smartphone has your 10/11 year old got, or can you recommend under £100

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mumma24 Sun 06-Apr-14 10:37:18

With so much choice I haven't a clue what best, and its his 11th birthday next week!!!

NetworkGuy Sun 06-Apr-14 13:37:12

Any particular network preference?

Asking because I saw mention of a £60 Android on Virgin Mobile, sold at Argos.

Phone spec was good, but obv depends on quality of T-Mob (+ Orange) coverage... only mention it as T-Mob allowed me to cancel contract (poor/no signal).

Needs £10 Virgin top up, but plenty in stock - ZTE Blade Q Mini £59.99
158/6987 ( £40 off earlier price ).

gymboywalton Sun 06-Apr-14 13:38:33

he doesn't have a phone
when he goes to secondary school he will get a basic nokia

NetworkGuy Sun 06-Apr-14 15:29:21

If you are sure his friends will also have basic phones... but it may be worth waiting to see what others have... might not change your decision but could be tbat others take the mick more for a basic one than no phone at all...

niceguy2 Tue 08-Apr-14 09:39:32

For under £100 I'd suggest looking on somewhere like eBay for a Samsung Galaxy S2. There are plenty of traders selling them for just under £100 with a 2 month warranty which should be enough to make sure they're working. You can save even more if you don't mind taking the risk of a used one from a private seller.

BUT....if I were in your shoes I'd probably look at the Motorola G from Tesco Mobile which is £110. It's only got 8GB but it's good enough for a 10/11yr old. Performance is v. good and of course it's new so it will have a 12 month warranty.

TantrumsAndBalloons Tue 08-Apr-14 09:42:27

My 10 year old has a £9.99 Nokia from Argos grin

5madthings Tue 08-Apr-14 09:43:15

We got the android one on the virgin network from Argos,ds2 (11) is very happy with it and it seems ok had it nearly a year and had no problems with it.

ThePortlyPinUp Tue 08-Apr-14 09:43:56

DD1 has a cubot p9, so do I and my dad. I think it was £75 delivered from ebay and we have sainsburys payg sims.

gymboywalton Tue 08-Apr-14 13:28:50

you send your kidout with an expensive phone and you are setting them up to be mugged for it.

NetworkGuy Tue 08-Apr-14 14:34:23

Not sure that a 60 quid (brand new) phone (especially if the low cost is made known to others) is likely to be such a great target for theft (and if mugged, saying "it was only 60 quid new - they won't give you more than a fiver in any second hand shop" might mean a potential theft is averted.

Also, perhaps worth considering (since sometimes a contract deal may be worthwhile) that for anyone with a teen (or younger), Tesco Mobile and Three both allow contracts to be capped, so there would be no unexpected "extras" (votes on premium rate numbers, international calls, picture messages, etc).

nomoretether Tue 08-Apr-14 14:36:48

He has a second hand iPhone 3 on giff gaff £10/month goody bag.

amicissimma Mon 14-Apr-14 22:23:09

I've had use of a Huawei Ascend Y300 lately and have been very pleasantly surprised. It comes unlocked so after the initial £10 credit is used you can change to whatever you like. (GiffGaff fan here)

I'm not a 10/11 year-old, of course, but my family have various Galaxy Ss that I'm familiar with.

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