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Apple - does anyone know a telephone support number

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WetAugust Tue 01-Apr-14 21:20:49

I am tearing my hair out here!

Collected new ipad.

Have just spent the last 6 hours trying to set it up!

It asks for my email address - I gave it. I waited for an email - nothing. An hour later - still no email.

I tried creating a new Apple ID using a different email.

Everytime I tyoe in the password it says the email/passowrd is wrong.

I reset the password - it's still wrong

I am going round in ever decreasing F** circles.

There's no tech support number so I use my laptop to bring up a screen saying 'Schedule a Call'

The screen says it wants my contact number - but there's no boxes on the screen to actually enter mu contact number.

I thought Apple were supposed to me good.

I can't stand much more of this . It's going back tomorrow.

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