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Apple whizzes - icloud back-up help pleeeeeeeease

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TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Thu 13-Mar-14 19:14:40

I am utterly confused, can someone tell me what to do?

I have an iphone 5S & an ipad mini

I got a message on the phone today that it can't back-up to icloud (5GB, haven't paid for extra) because there isn't enough space. the phone is currently using 3.1GB & the ipad 1.4GB

next back-up would be 3.8GB for the phone (of which 'camera roll' is 3.5GB)
for ipad it's 1.4GB of which 'camera roll' is 1.2GB

on the iphone:
camera roll is 816 items (inc all videos?)
my photo stream is 513 items
video is 38 items (can happi;y delete most of those)

on the ipad:

camera roll is 240 photos, 11 videos
my photo stream is 1000 photos
video is 11 items

why the discrepancy between camera roll & photo stream on the 2 devices?

does 'camera roll' in icloud include photo stream?

there are loads of photos I can delete, & most of the videos - should I do it now & then kick off a manual back-up?

but what will happen to the pics in the Photo Stream folder on my laptop? Will they disappear after the next backup???

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