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Looking for a laptop for storing pictures mainly - help!

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whilewildeisonmine Thu 13-Mar-14 14:46:46

I'm looking for a cheap laptop for storing pictures and music etc and watching DVDs/iplayer occasionally. I don't want to spend much- probably around £300.

I have a few questions- what is a chromebook exactly and will that enable me to store pictures or is it entirely web based?

Is a notebook the same as a laptop but smaller or are there any other major differences?

Cindy34 Thu 13-Mar-14 22:11:14

Having a dvd player may be the thing that makes you choose something over another.

Not sure about chromebook but I think it is internet based, so may not be that useful when in situations without a connection.

For low cost laptops, look at what a local supermarket sells. They can do good deals on laptops with reasonable spec and you can walk in and take it with you, plus you may get loyalty points.

My last two laptops have been from Tesco, one was Acer, current one is a Dell. Perfectly acceptable machines for their price.

GraceK Thu 13-Mar-14 22:30:20

We got my mother-in-law an Acer Chromebook & she's very happy with it. It comes with some some internal storage but is largely designed to work with the Google Drive (you get extra storage free when you buy a Google laptop or box). It has the advantages that it boots up very quickly & all the virus software is handled automatically by Google.
I think it's safer to store your photos on cloud storage than on your own hardware anyway as the big companies back their stuff up every night so your photos & vids should be safe. We use Flickr as they now give you a terrabyte of data free, their upload tool is pretty efficient, they allow you to upload your photos at full quality automatically & don't mess about with your security settings (like certain famous social networking sites).

Cindy34 Thu 13-Mar-14 22:32:19

Does it have a DVD drive? Mind you that is needed less and less these days.

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