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Printer is driving me crazy.

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Sneezecakesmum Sun 09-Mar-14 20:00:19

Epson sx235w. Tried to print pictures and it was not doing what it was told at all! Been playing silly buggers for ages. So I uninstalled everything from my control panel and reinserted the cd. Seemed ok but I had horizontal banding. Went into the manual to check how to clean the heads and the manual and the network manual did not exist but were just shortcuts!

Am currently on Epson site and have downloaded the latest drivers.

<btw I am only downloading and installing the most up to date ones even though there are other earlier drivers. Is this the right thing?>

The only thing I can't seem to download are the manuals I want though I can read them. It's saying right click on the printer icon on my toolbar. I haven't got one as I removed it to speed up booting.

Please give me a clue sad

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