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Bornin1984 Sun 09-Mar-14 07:44:49

For the second time I have watched my iPhone clear all the names from the contacts in my phone.

Does anybody know why this happens and if I can get the names back

PedroYoniLikesCrisps Mon 10-Mar-14 07:59:28

It's a major problem with the way Apple tries to make things easier for its customers. Not sure how you get them back, but for the future I'd recommend moving to Android. You then store all your contacts in your Google account and you can always get them back.

GingerRodgers Mon 10-Mar-14 08:02:22

Have you done an update recently? This was happening to me a lot. Updated and it's stopped and all contacts returned.

RandallFloyd Mon 10-Mar-14 08:15:47

They should all be on the iCloud automatically anyway so you should be able to retrieve them from there I think.

Bornin1984 Mon 10-Mar-14 08:37:46

I got them from iCloud! This is second tine it's happened!!! It's annoying and all updates are up to date!!!

Can upgrade soon enough

12thmonkey Tue 11-Mar-14 11:47:55

more information would be useful. What are you doing when the contacts disappear ? If its not the first time, it could be that there is some action causing this.

Bornin1984 Tue 11-Mar-14 12:12:52

I literally opened my contacts to phone somebody and they just went!!

Anyway not to worry and thank you for posting

My 5s is being delivered on thursday

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