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Lost my kindle: can I transfer my library to new Kindle?

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aibuaiwo Sun 02-Mar-14 01:44:40

Hi all

I have lost my Kindle (left it in a cafe, and it was taken). I am going to buy a new device. Does anybody know if I can simply transfer across to the new device the library of books I had on my old one?I had lots of unread books I had just bought for a long trip.

Gratefulany advice!

claretandamberforever Sun 02-Mar-14 01:47:47

yes. you register your kindle to your amazon account. all your books are stored on or in a cloud (bloody technology) and you can download to your device again. (free).

exexpat Sun 02-Mar-14 01:48:48

Yes, all the kindle books you have bought on your amazon account will automatically transfer to the new kindle if it is on the same account.

It's only a problem if you had books from other sources, eg I had a load of books on my first kindle which a friend had uploaded for me directly from his computer, so when my first kindle died, I lost those (but I would have been able to restore them if I'd backed them up to my computer).

exexpat Sun 02-Mar-14 01:49:53

By the way, make sure you cancel the old kindle from your account otherwise whoever has taken it will probably be able to buy new kindle books on your account.

NatashaBee Sun 02-Mar-14 01:59:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

aibuaiwo Sun 02-Mar-14 08:40:12

Thank you all for your advice, that's reassuring about transferring books. And I will definitely remove the previous one from my account (good tip!).

Thanks all

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