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Roblox - explicit commentary

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Effjay Fri 28-Feb-14 20:01:35

DS1 (age 8) is a big fan of playing Roblox the computer game. I assumed this is a game suitable for his age group and have generally left him to play without too much supervision. However, I was watching over his shoulder the other day and saw some really sexually explicit commentary from online users and was rather shocked.
Now I'm not the most technically able person - is it possible to switch this commentary off? Also, is it possible to complain to anyone about this - after all it is aimed at children and advertised on CITV?
Anyone else had the same problem? If so, how did you deal with it?

Naoko Tue 04-Mar-14 17:30:04

I don't know a thing about Roblox, I'm afraid, but a quick look at their homepage produces this information for parents. I don't know if that's any help at all, especially the bit about communication modes you can switch between and the 'report abuse' feature?

NetworkGuy Tue 04-Mar-14 22:47:02

Seems they are making an effort based on that web page. I too have no idea about Roblox, but have to say it looks as if the firm is making a stab at limiting what might offend...

HarryEd9899 Mon 02-Mar-15 01:02:24

Hi there, sorry for the delayed response. I did a little work for Robloxand there is now a blacklist, so explicit words or sentences will be replaced with a "#" - if you are still experiencing problems with the user, you can go on their profile and report them for explicit language. ROBLOX is becoming safer for the younger generation.

HelloThereGuysOfEarth Thu 25-Feb-16 00:06:54

You could change the age under 13 so there is safe chat

HelloThereGuysOfEarth Thu 25-Feb-16 00:10:14

The safe chat will block bad words, usally.

SteadyOnRoblox Fri 08-Apr-16 21:54:37

(This is copied from another post that I posted on)

Hello, my names Luke and I'm 14 years old. I've been playing roblox for around the last 5 years (since I was 9). Ok so, I have read through this talk or however they are called on this site and reading what other users have said they haven't really given roblox a good rep.

ODing (Online Dating)
One of the main things you need to look out for is online dating, it's not allowed on roblox but it DOES happen. However when it does happen this is always between roblox characters and as long as they stay within the parameters of the game they should be fine and safe from anyone who isn't who they say they are. You probably should make sure that they don't have a Skype or anything like that. Roblox is well made so that it is almost impossible to share addresses or phone numbers because these are all censored and if you register as a person under 13 then you can not talk fully (by this I mean that anything that could possibly be seen as an insult or as a way of sharing private information is replaced by "#").

The majority of the roblox community frowns upon Online Dating especially people like me who have been on roblox for a long time. You should encourage your children to join roblox "groups". Get them to join a "ro-nation" which are nations within roblox that are managed in a similar way to a real life nation (obviously with a lot less complex decisions) but they have branches like Police, Army, National Assembly or Congress, Intelligence, etc. Just like a real country would. In my second year of Roblox I joined a group called Cuba and I haven't left it ever since then. You'll find that joining a ro-nation will give your children feelings of achievement and in my experience it has CERTAINLY improved my maturity and grammar skills as most groups are very mature and use good grammar.

Things you have been talking about which are related to moderation on roblox
So anything you have been talking about where there are sounds or explicit visual images comes because something has either slipped through roblox censors (people who manually go through every audio and every image) or there is a "hacker" or "exploiter" who has purposefully messed up the gaming experience of others, these are very rare and Roblox is usually very good at fixing these problems.

An explanation of roblox and what you should encourage your kids to do

Roblox is described as a game by players and by people talking about it, but in reality what you see your children playing are games within a game, minigames if you like. However all roblox games are created by the users, so people like me and your children smile. You should encourage your children to learn to code in Roblox LUA which is a programming language which Roblox uses and you should also encourage them to build in Roblox too. The building program is called Roblox studio and it automatically comes with the download of the roblox player. When your child is building or "scripting" (programming) you should encourage them to create their own things, because there are "free models" on roblox which are objects created by others. Encourage your children to use these for inspiration and in terms of scripting for teaching themselves. However, you should make sure that they don't just take a lot of free models and place them into a game and remark that they have made a game. Because this is a false sense of achievement for them. Creating something from scratch will help them to create nicer and smoother looking games.

Online dating usually only occurs in roleplay games, to name a few (not to give them a bad rep but...) :

They are usually games with characters with a very thin body in the thumbnails.

However you should allow them to play these games because at this stage this is probably where they'd get all their friends on roblox from. For me, I only have a few real friends that I have shared my skype with and I have known them for usually over a year. However if they are under 13 then they should definitely not be sharing details like their skype to other roblox players, make sure they stay within roblox when talking to other players. To this day, I haven't talked to anyone I have met in roblox through skype voice chat or shared a picture of me in real life with them. However a lot of the people I know do talk but if your children are talking on roblox make sure they are around 14+ because then they should know what they are doing.

Feel free to give my roblox account name to your children and you should probably make an account yourself to test it out, talk to your kids about what they've done that day on roblox so that you can keep an eye on them but also dont sit watching over their shoulder while they play. However encourage them to show you things they've built or scripted.

Here's my roblox account:


smile -- SteadyOn

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