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Help - how do I get out of the US Apple App Store please?

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TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Fri 28-Feb-14 10:09:05

This is on my iPad - I've no idea how I ever got into it, I used to be in the UK one confused

I have loads of updates of existing apps waiting but it won't do them - a white box pops up saying

Account not in this store
Your account is not valid for use in the US store.
You must switch to the UK store before purchasing

But it doesn't tell me how & I can't find it anywhere sad

prh47bridge Fri 28-Feb-14 11:39:43

Go to Settings, iTunes & App Stores, tap your Apple ID then tap Country/Region.

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Fri 28-Feb-14 12:45:17

THANK YOU prh thanks

I had gone to the itunes & app stores page, but didn't realise I could do somewhere with my id, so I was stymied blush

(When I clicked on Country/Region it already said UK so I've no idea what happened there - anyway it's fixed now, hurrah!!!)

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