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Recommendations for best internet security for kids?

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Housemum Mon 24-Feb-14 17:12:10

I'm about to get DD2 a laptop for when she starts secondary school, and want to get an internet security package to be able to keep an eye on what she's looking at. Yes, obviously we have had the usual talks, and she tells me how she understands not to believe that people are who they say they are (eg when she uses Moshi on our PC she will not accept a friend request unless she knows them in real life, tested by asking them face to face or texting/phoning their known number) but I know that as she gets older she'll want to push the boundaries, or have the belief that she knows best/she's invincible.
Has anyone any good or bad experiences of PC security packages? Needs to be one that'll work on Windows 8 (saw someone on another thread saying that K9 was good but didn't work on Windows 8)

Housemum Mon 24-Feb-14 17:37:39

My current thought is that NetNanny looks good? Possibly adding Netnanny Social when she starts going onto things like FB/Twitter? We have Microsoft Defender for anti-virus, and will load the same for her, I'm more concerned for her about the temptations of looking up inappropriate websites - which she managed to do inadvertently the other day looking for buffet snack ideas. "cold finger treats" brought up A LOT of dodgy sites...

NetworkGuy Tue 25-Feb-14 02:24:38

I bought a laptop s/h on Ebay which had NetIntelligence installed. Have to say it was an absolute b***er (it would not let me use the Chrome browser at all, and some of the sites I used, like {to view sites 'anonymously' without leaving my fixed IP address from my home internet connection} were blocked {because that might allow bypassing of the blacklist of sites they keep}.

I did manage to disable it, after seeking advice online so it's not completely invincible, but it was not an easy task, and can only be done by someone with an administrator account. 30+ years on computer gear and until someone provided a solution, it had me tearing my hair out!

See > the company website <

19.99/year with a free trial. Should be worth a look. If you go ahead and buy it, remember to keep all information that comes with it safe, else if you want to uninstall it from the laptop (to sell on Gumtree/Ebay when upgrading) it would be an absolute pig to remove, and may make the buyer extremely angry and frustrated... this software interferes with web 'lookups' to be able to block access to banned sites and while not impossible to uninstall, is far from 'simple'.

The categories of website that Netintelligence blocks are:

Adult - includes Pornography, Nudity, Sexuality, Art Nudes, Naturism, Adult Goods, Dating and Personals, Adult Games, some lingerie and swimwear (if appropriate) and other subject areas to which minors' access should be restricted.

Gaming - Includes Coin-op Games, Online Games, Game-playing Groups, Puzzles, Gaming Resources, Role-playing Games, Video Games etc.

Gambling - Including commercial sites and tipping/information sites, casinos, bookmakers, and other online gambling and betting sites.

Threats - Includes Hacking, Cracking, Phishing, Proxies and Redirectors, Virus Creation, Warez, and any threats not included under other categories.

Drugs - Includes advocacy, instructional, and supply sites and associated literature.

Hate - Includes Aggression, Violence, Terrorism, some weapons, Gore, promotion of Hate, Intolerance, Prejudice or Lawlessness.

So you might need to 'allow' some web sites for games you know your DD likes - get her to make a list of sites she most regularly uses, and check before you pass the laptop on to her that at least those are allowed or you'll start off with an unhappy DD... oh yes, Mum and Dad got me a laptop, but I cannot even play on <insert popular site> as there's this blocking software that stop all sorts of web sites my friends all use!

> PDF describing user interface < (from a different website)

is a fairly detailed description of the user controls it includes (so access to the PC can be blocked during certain hours - which may be fine for term time, but consider relaxing some restrictions for sleepovers, perhaps, but perhaps make it clear "the computer will not be much use to you after midnight, so don't start watching a DVD at 11:30 - do try to get some sleep tonight!")

It's very "Big Brother" in that it can log IM chats and attempted visits to 'banned sites'. I know if I was young I'd probably resent it like mad - after all, I cannot control what some so-called 'friend' writes in a message to me...

As a future employer, I can see it could be useful from a "work computer, work broadband connection, paid for by work and not for Facebook, Twitter, etc" (but more to the point, not to be used by employee's family for downloading films etc and possibly risk prosecution or sanctions like losing the internet connection... sorry - bit of a tangent of mine)

Housemum Tue 25-Feb-14 08:29:37

Sounds pretty comprehensive! Good if you can really customise it - at the moment we have norton family on the main PC but is too broad - when she uses her own profile she can't look at the website her friend made as the whole domain name is blocked (weebly) and I can't add exceptions. Site itself is perfectly bland harmless

NetworkGuy Tue 25-Feb-14 11:45:20

Can only suggest you use the free trial version to check. As I never had any codes for the version on my laptop, I could never use the management features so cannot test out, it's "all or nothing" on mine and I need it as "nothing" smile

Housemum Tue 01-Apr-14 17:01:03

Resurrecting this topic - bought the laptop, but NetIntelligence doesn't support Windows 8! Tried the freebie Windows Family safety that came with PC (set to the medium rating to supposedly block adult sites) but searching naked butts and ann summers vibrators didn't flag up as banned and let me continue to the sites so it's crap!

drrock Tue 11-Aug-15 11:08:43

"Nudity, Sexuality, Art Nudes, Naturism".... How are these "adult"? In real life a teenager could go to a library and take out a book on any of these things, however if they tried to go into a sex shop or buy a pornography mag, they would be stopped by the shop owner.
The truth is the Internet could work the same without comprising privacy. There just needs to be willingness from the powers that be. All you need is the or to be set up to take the users age, then websites to check this setting before allowing access. Pressure needs to be put on isn't and domain holders to do this and to correctly label their pages.

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