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Best iPad apps for a 14 month old

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FriendofDorothy Sat 22-Feb-14 20:06:40

We are going on holiday at Easter and I wondered if anyone has any recommendations for iPad/iPhone apps which are brilliant for 14 month old.

We thought it might be useful to keep him entertained through some of the travelling.


Cindy34 Sat 22-Feb-14 20:14:15

Barnyard. Tap Farm is one of the free activities.

NetworkGuy Sat 22-Feb-14 20:14:33

In three years they'll be implanting a tiny nuclear powered chip so youngsters can interface with tablets, mobile phones, and so on, from days after birth.

[ Sorry OP, I cannot offer any suggestions, but as my first introduction to computers was when I was in my mid-teens {in 1975/6} I couldn't help but consider your youngster lucky to get an introduction so young - though feel sure there are also non-technology alternatives... don't know what we were kept amused by when we were of similar ago... then again my first trip on a plane was when I was 20 {!} ]

FriendofDorothy Sat 22-Feb-14 22:29:35

er... thanks for that "helpful" comment NetworkGuy.

We are pretty well aware of the non-technology related options such as (shock, horror) books, which probably are his favourite things ever. However, the small one has a rather amusing obsession with all things electrical and as we will be travelling for a while it seems sensible to have a few backup options to keep him entertained.

The iPad is rather useful in terms of space, portability and entertainment value.

My young one of very lucky to be bother travelling on a plane and playing with such modern technology. However, as we live on an island the first one is hardly a luxury and more a necessity.

FadBook Sat 22-Feb-14 22:47:43

I found the Peppa pig games good. Can be educational too. I've got the holiday one and muddy puddles.

We didn't have an iPad when owe went on holiday last year but I took a handful of toys and the laptop with a DVD. Didn't need it on plane but was a god send in the hotel, just later afternoon before tea whilst getting ready. I'm not a huge tv or gadget fan but holidays need that rest break for all of you so def recommend taking iPad!

networkguy really? You comment to say you the OP's ds is lucky? Just ignore the thread if you can't be helpful hmm

Cindy34 Sat 22-Feb-14 22:59:56

101 Puzzles

Those need capability of moving images on screen, so may be too complex - surprising how quickly some children learn to do it though.

MostlyMama Sat 22-Feb-14 23:06:57

The off switch

Piddlepuddle Sat 22-Feb-14 23:12:34

(Ignoring the "helpful" comments - yes, we all grew up without iPads, but hey, times have changed and like it or not, gadgets are here to stay).

My little ones have always liked any of the Duck Duck Goose apps - very interactive!

milkysmum Sat 22-Feb-14 23:18:48

My 2 year old loves any of the Dr panda games?

happylittlevegemites Sat 22-Feb-14 23:20:15

<place marking to go look some of these up later>

Moobaa. I like this one.

Baby shapes (though he's growing out of it).

I google-imaged various animals and screen-shot them for practicing animal noises (sort of a less artistic version of moobaa!).

He also loves taking selfies.

Peppa pig, in the night garden and Peter and the wolf are also favourites on video.

Ds loves books/walking/playing drums/all manner of things I can be smug smug about should I so choose. But the iPad and my iPhone are small portable devises that can hold a lot of resources to entertain.

JassyRadlett Sat 22-Feb-14 23:22:45

Little Fox's Music Box and Nighty Night are both genius, especially for iPad.

noblegiraffe Sat 22-Feb-14 23:23:45

Phone4kids is great for toddlers and also works on an iPad.

CharleyFarnsbarns Sat 22-Feb-14 23:34:16

All the Duplo apps are great: trains, peekaboo and circus.

The Ladybird Baby Touch and First Words ones are good too.
Also Peekaboo Barn, Fridge, Wild and Sesame Street.

Balloonimals, Uncolor and Uncolor Dogs (they're American) and the In the Night Garden are our favourites.

CharleyFarnsbarns Sat 22-Feb-14 23:35:20

And yes we're not on these all day but sometimes 5 minutes downtime on these is exactly what a toddler needs.

42notTrendy Sat 22-Feb-14 23:43:15

Lego do some great apps. But I have to admit I don't know the age suitability.

Frigintinsella Sun 23-Feb-14 20:46:22

I've just got one called magic fingers, I'm quite enjoying testing it think my 15mo DS will love it.

BackforGood Sat 08-Mar-14 13:27:29

Just come across some interesting research here for those being cross at the posters suggesting it's not really appropriate for a baby, then getting complained about....

SGCmum Mon 24-Mar-14 09:12:44

We recently went on holiday and had a lot of travelling. found these really great.
hip hop hen - there are three apps. They are educational as well as fun games. Definitely worth buying these.
Also my daughter loves Pip and Posy books so we bought the app and it is really great. Not as educational though.

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