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Word in Office 2013

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WheresMyCow Tue 18-Feb-14 13:41:27

We have just changed from Office 2007 to Office 2013 at work.

When I'm working in Word, nothing actually displays on screen the way that it prints. Even when you look in print preview it doesn't actually look the way that it will eventually print out.

Not so bad when doing 1 or 2 page letters, but very frustrating with a long document as you try to format it accurately by what you see on screen, and then it prints out completely differently.

Anyone got any suggestions?

TickledOnion Tue 18-Feb-14 13:47:05

I'm on word 2010 but I think it's almost the same. If you click on the view tab at the top, which document view are you using? Try changing it to print layout.

WheresMyCow Tue 18-Feb-14 13:56:47

Thanks Tickled but I'm already in print layout.

Have just tried a couple of things with my long 64 page document. It still shows it as having 73 pages, but when it prints out it is back to 64 confused

WheresMyCow Tue 18-Feb-14 14:57:52

Just for some additional information, I've made sure that the file has been converted to the latest format, I've checked my paragraph settings and I'm viewing in print layout as mentioned above.

I've checked everywhere that I can possibly think of to make sure that paper size is set up as A4

There's no issue with what I am actually printing out, just how it views on screen.

I've just done a letter which went onto two pages. Font size 11, single line spacing and no before/after line spacing. When printed out, the first 12 lines from the second page moved up onto the first page.

confused I am thoroughly confused confused

alcibiades Tue 18-Feb-14 16:54:50

It sounds like Word isn't getting the right information from the printer. Word uses the parameters from the printer to display documents on the screen.

When you go to print, look at what printer is actually showing up in that dialogue box, just to check that it's the correct one. If so, you may need to update the printer driver. This may help:

WheresMyCow Tue 18-Feb-14 17:04:05

Thanks alcibiades

The correct printer is definitely showing up and if that turns out to be the problem then I'll have to get onto IT as we're not allowed to do stuff like that ourselves. So, fingers crossed it turns out to be something else!!

WheresMyCow Tue 18-Feb-14 17:06:22

The printer is actually a networked one that everyone can print to and it only appears to be word that there is a problem with. Everything that I do in excel previews and prints fine.

I'll have to check whether anyone else s having any issues.

alcibiades Tue 18-Feb-14 18:11:23

Another thought: in the printer dialogue box, click on "Properties" and check that the paper size is set to the same as your documents.

Beyond that idea, though, I can't think of anything else that you could do yourself. Most of the places I've worked at have had lovely IT people, but not all of them could cope with the weird things that Office can get up to.

WheresMyCow Wed 19-Feb-14 08:22:04

Thanks alcibades I've checked everywhere I can possibly think of to make sure that the paper size is set to A4!

Our IT are probably very lovely but are based at head office so they will log a call, then give it a priority, assign it to the right team and then if you're lucky someone will ring you back. Sometimes it's easier to just live with the problem!!

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