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company email address - who can see it? is this normal?

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unlucky83 Mon 17-Feb-14 23:30:24

Can't go into to much detail but basically concerned that a family member is being taken for a ride by a business partner and discovered someone who works for them thinks this might be the case too...
They suggested we established email contact I sent them a (thankfully bland) email to their company email address and ccd in my family member (who knows of our concern but (so far) thinks it is is misplaced)...
I got a failure to deliver notification (inbox full) ....from the business partner...
So email is of the type 'personname'
Business partner will have set up the email account - is it normal that all emails will go to his account too? Pretty sure that my family member won't know that is the case and the other person who works for them obviously didn't
Not sure if that is explained v. well....
Basically sent email to, ccd in - got the failure to deliver from
Is this normal or dodgy?

Nocomet Mon 17-Feb-14 23:57:45

If you own a ???? type email account, you can set it up to forward emails and copies of emails to any machine you wish.

Here DH, goes to DH

Likewise DW, goes to my desktop and iPhone.

And DD1, goes to DD1 (and the same for DD2)

However, when they were younger DD1 and DD2's emails also copied to me (there is no way of knowing this is how the system is set up, unless you are told. The DDs always knew and were quite happy as they didn't remember to check their inboxes and were happy for us to bin spam.) But there is nothing to stop a boss, tech savvy partner or school IT dept, copying emails to their machine and not saying.

NetworkGuy Tue 18-Feb-14 08:18:23

It's not all that uncommon for mail to go to multiple addresses, but if neither fred nor frank knew jim was getting copies of their mail then they should challenge jim. However, whether 'jim' may claim it is a mistake, they certainly will have known "since it was set up" and if it was a mistake could have acted to rectify it.

It does seem odd that jim knows what comes in for frank (and/or fred - without sending individual mail messages, it isn't clear from the example whether only fred's mail, or only frank's mail, is copied to jim

Assuming they are 'equal' partners, can see no reason why jim should feel it necessary or even acceptable for jim to get copies of mail to others, without the reverse. On the other hand, I'm always cautious about sending anything to a relative using their 'work' mail address.

(It's a bit daft, in my view, for any employee to not have their own mail account very separate from work, in case they are making applications for alternative jobs or have some problem at work and need a secure means to contact union or legal representatives. Also, all mail in a work environment might be logged and reviewed, so completely daft for anything unrelated to work, IMO. Sorry, just an aside on benefit of having multiple mail addresses.)

unlucky83 Tue 18-Feb-14 09:25:39

Thanks guys - so it wouldn't be general practice to set it up like this - thinking for convenience?
My family member the other day was forwarding an email to the partner obviously not aware...but it could just be the 'employee's' mails I guess. But then surely employee's mails should also be forwarded to my family member...hmm
Not sure if partner is just massively disorganised or dodgy, my family member has a lot of money invested in this and partner hasn't, so nothing to lose. Employee was brought in (by family member) to get finances under control...this isn't sitting comfortably at all...
I had a brief conversation with the employee (in a social situation) and we agreed to get in touch by email...and so the business one was the ideal choice - but as I sent it I did wonder -so changed it to be deliberately vague ... and sent one to my family member's personal email too warning them...

NetworkGuy Fri 21-Feb-14 01:10:43

Sounds from this like the partner could be dodgy - and yes, if 'employee' mail was meant to be copied to partners, then why not your relative.

Glad you were vague... anyway, if you had an error message, the partner never saw it (!) - but is a wakeup call for your relative.

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