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Terrible "Ads by PassShow" pop ups!

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RenterNomad Tue 14-Jan-14 20:04:17

I've just got my laptop back from having a new hard drive put in and now it seems I can't click on anything/ do any form searches (e.g. my local library) without: and Ads by PassShow Popups everywhere, including in the bottom right corner of my (MozillaFirefox) browser, about "interstitial information"

My very first act on booting the computer again was to run Live Update (Nirton/Symantec), and I've done a full system scan (Norton/ Symantec), cleared my browser's cache, deleted cookies, etc.

The local company which replaced the hard drive was recommended, too... sad

Does malwarebytes sort it?

RenterNomad Fri 17-Jan-14 18:44:03

My apologies for not having come back sooner. I discovered that it was an add-on to my browser (Mozilla Firefox), which DS had probably installed by accident, when he took my laptop to "work" with Daddy on Christmas Eve.

This page was how I removed it: disabling the add-on in Firefox, and then uninstalling it.

I was so relieved it was as open as that, especially after my NOrton/Symantec failed to detect anything!

If you haven't run malwarebytes, I would suggest that you do that too. Sometimes other things will have been installed alongside it.

Chanatan Fri 17-Jan-14 20:55:17

I second what Cruel has said,in fact I wouldnt use the laptop for anything important like banking,anything you have to input card details on until it had been done.

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