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Has anyone got a DVD projector?

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lalalonglegs Thu 09-Jan-14 20:21:05

We're rejigging our house and, now the children are of an age that they can enjoy watching classic films with us, I was thinking of getting a DVD projector and a roll up screen for cinema nights at home. I don't know what else I need though - do I have to get a ton of mega-expensive speakers to do the films justice or are there cheaper ones that I can use and shove in a corner when I don't need them? (Do I need speakers at all? I'm guessing the projector doesn't play the soundtrack...). Help please - I really fancy this but don't really know what I'm getting into.

OodlesofOods Fri 10-Jan-14 16:12:51

We are getting something like that soon.
Our plan is to be hooked into the wifi too.
Dh is handling everything though so I can't help on the techy front but will hang around for tips

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