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Anyone know about rooting Androids?

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pinkcheese Thu 09-Jan-14 15:28:12

DS has Samsung Galaxy Young phone. 32gb SD card for music and pics and, we thought, apps. The internal memory is too small for the language apps he needs. But apps won't store on to the SD card without partitioning the card and rooting the phone. I've done the partitioning but can't find a reliable recommendation for rooting software. I understand about the false positive alerts for malware, but I just need software advice and a step-by-step guide join how to do it. Thanks in advance smile

horsetowater Fri 10-Jan-14 09:22:11

I have tried this on another phone, didn't work. Have you got a program like 'move to sdcard' this recognises any apps that can be moved.

I find it infuriating that android smartphones do this. If anyone can recommend a good one with lots of actual memory I would be most grateful. It doesn't help that apps get bigger over time. Facebook is twice the size it was when I got my phone.

Theas18 Fri 10-Jan-14 10:04:29

Hmm, both my kids have these phones. we have not yet rooted them, they add and delete apps as needed and use facebook etc in the browser rather than the app.

The best android at a budget price is motorola moto G (about £100 at tesco) at the moment. Eldest has just got one. Thinking might get DS one as a surprise for his birthday. Read the reviews it really is excellent for the money.

Paleodad Fri 10-Jan-14 11:38:22

First thing i do with any android device we buy is root it, and always use XDA developers for help. it is an excellent forum/resource!
Have a look here for general forum of the galaxy Y, and here for specific guide to rooting the phone. Good Luck!

pinkcheese Fri 10-Jan-14 12:35:53

Thanks paleodad that's exactly the help I need smile

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