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Apple refurb experience?

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HepHep Mon 20-Jan-14 17:42:38

So long as you know the specs you are buying (i.e it will likely be a slightly out of date or discontinued model) then no problem. I have had very good experiences with refurbs, my newest macbook is a refurb and I've had it less than a week, very happy with it and with the service from Apple. If there is something you are after, keep an eye on the Apple refurb store for a few days or a week as stock comes and goes.

MasterFlea Sat 18-Jan-14 18:35:19

I just noticed today that our macbook pro is a refurb. DH has it since 2008. We still use it and are getting a new battery for it so saw the sticker saying it is a refurb under the battery.

Refurb here too.. fab!

MuswellHillDad Fri 10-Jan-14 13:01:48

Ditto. All refurbs in this house and all perfect.

contortionist Thu 09-Jan-14 19:29:16

Make sure you're getting the latest model; the discount for older models isn't enough in my view. Otherwise, excellent. You don't get the original packaging, but everything else is there and you're still covered by Apple's excellent customer service.

Theas18 Thu 09-Jan-14 14:53:37

Thinking of a refurb macbook.

Any experiences of these?

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