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another windoze to mac person...

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Theas18 Thu 09-Jan-14 14:49:31

Terribly tempted to get a mac. Old ( horrid) win 8 laptop has been stolen by eldest with my encouragement....and spirited away to uni.

In a dilemma here...

DH dilemma " you don't actually NEED a nearly 1K laptop for what you do".....


is 11inch too small, or cute and very portable?

Also tell me about icloud- can I for instance rip CDs and store them there?

And the Word compatability thing could be and issue for work documents...

I actually mostly use the ipad at home, however there are some websites I can't use with it that are important.


NetworkGuy Mon 20-Jan-14 16:33:30

> the restriction guarantees a level of quality of service you cannot get in many other places.

Actually, I'm not so sure. The iTunes store, for example, doesn't, as a matter of course, allow you to re-download items you have bought, for example if your hard drive has crashed. They assume (fairly reasonable, but for those who use a Mac, 'cos it "just works", not always aware of things) that the user will make a backup on another device (perhaps the "Time Capsule" will be recommended, for additional Apple profits)...

One restriction, that of not having a microSD reader in their devices, must be a major pain. I don't buy music online, but will 'rip' tracks from CD into MP3 format. That means my cheap + cheerful player costing all of a tenner, can play such tracks as I have stored on it.

With mobile phones, however, I am easily able to simply plug in an 8 GB microSD card with music selection 'A' and another day, plug in selection 'B' - OK, it's a minor difference in one way, but major compared with having to buy a replacement device (at a possibly inflated price, comparing the price of storage bought in bulk, with what Apple sells the additional storage for).

I use iTunes, but mostly to download podcasts, and if I was buying a device such as an iPhone, I think I'd be dumbfounded if I had to have some computer (with iTunes) to plug into, before I could start using it. (I'm going on history, here, and don't know if that's still true, but a major disincentive in my view... Why should I need a computer if I'm just buying a mobile phone ?

I'm not going to try to defend Apple from some who attack them - this is being written on an (old) iMac, after all, and the demo version of 'DEFCON' runs on it, so I'm happy enough (though DEFON does not run on 3 other iMacs I own, and there's a fair bit of software that won't run on older Mac kit)

WhenWhyWhere Mon 20-Jan-14 21:35:05

NetworkGuy. I think in the UK you can usually re-download lost itunes purchases see HERE

NetworkGuy Tue 21-Jan-14 01:19:06

Thanks for that - I guess maybe they got a load of complaints. I used to help answer queries on a radio phone in (on a Chicago station) and it was the response to someone who called in, from an Apple guru, that (at that time) they didn't allow a second download.

In any case, one should make a backup, because sometimes what's available to download can change and something might no longer be online via the store... think that happened with a version of OSX not long ago...

PedroYoniLikesCrisps Tue 21-Jan-14 07:32:49

Apple are admittedly catching up in some areas. I don't think the latest iPhones have to be plugged into a computer, for example. But they always take their time getting there. They feel a bit like Sony from 30 years ago. Always trying to implement their own standards, pissing off the customers and ultimately confirming several years later. And they are insulting on the way. Such as the lightening connector, "because you're all too stupid to figure out which way your USB plug goes in".

NetworkGuy Wed 22-Jan-14 18:15:42

I had assumed that the 'lightning' connector was to initially make only Apple the supplier for many customers. From a kb page on the Apple site: "Some companies manufacture accessories that are similar to Apple Lightning accessories, but are not certified by Apple."

Of course, not only is there a small chance something won't work properly, but Apple doesn't get any "cut" from the sale, which I suspect is their major reason... Must have pi$$ed off a lot of people with existing music systems which could accept the iPod and iPhone but all of a sudden...

PedroYoniLikesCrisps Wed 22-Jan-14 20:43:49

It probably was exactly for that reason. But of course they can't tell the customer that, so they come up with some 'benefit' which in this case was ridiculous! But only Apple could find a way of making a cable more 'user friendly'!

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