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Help Please - How to recover deleted photos

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startingovernow Mon 06-Jan-14 07:10:07

Hi, would be really grateful if anyone could help me. I have stupidly deleted all of my xmas photos from my Samsung galaxy s2. I have spent hours trying to recover them but so far to no avail. It seems from what I've read that it should be possible to recover the pics but I haven't managed it so far. Has anyone any knowledge of what I need to do to get the pics back??

tribpot Mon 06-Jan-14 07:19:48

Have you tried Recuva as recommended on this thread in the Galaxy forums?

Some other suggestions here.

startingovernow Mon 06-Jan-14 10:12:56

Hi Tribpot, am trying the Dr Fone at the moment however it seems to be the same as the ones I've tried i.e. it is recovering some of the pics but in most of the pics you can only see about one tenth of the pic as it is covered in a grey film. Any idea about what might be causing this?

cloudskitchen Mon 06-Jan-14 20:29:12

Don't suppose you had a dropbox account set up on there? I do on my s3 so its all automatically saved there to.

gretchenthomas Fri 06-Jun-14 08:12:41

The easiest solution to get back your lost memory card photos is to make use of backup file of them if you have. It’s always a good idea to backup important photos and other files on your computer to avoid data loss.
If you have no backup, there is no need to worry about this issue if the pictures were stored on memory card of your Android phone. As long as the lost photos are not overwritten by new data on memory card, you’re likely to retrieve them with Android Photo Recovery software:

Jassvgaz Fri 29-Jan-16 03:41:26

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Baddyke Mon 01-Feb-16 05:47:22

You may be lose data from android SD card in following situations: Accidentally deleted files from SD card ,Formatted SD card ,SD card got corrupted or inaccessible Thanks to the Coolmuster Samsung Data Recovery, which can recover music ,photos ,videos ,files from SD cards , as well as contacts and messages on SIM cards.

hiahihia Tue 24-May-16 10:04:26

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TaylorSwift00 Fri 10-Jun-16 16:23:54

I accidentally deleted some dataon my galaxy S5 and i came accross this helpful solution, its even got a trial, i managed to recover my data.

user1472722948 Thu 01-Sep-16 10:56:49

You may lost your Samsung photos like these: mistakenly deletion, formatting, Rooting, restoring to factory settings, etc. With these situation Samsung Data Recovery software can be of great help for recovering deleted pictures from Samsung phone or tablet. It easy and very fast to operate ,and it can also recover contacts, sms, videos, call logs, apps files from Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5/S4, Note 7/5/4/3, etc.

How to Recover Deleted Messages from Samsung

JesusWood Mon 19-Sep-16 04:29:36

I recommend you to use Android Data Recovery. It’s really useful. Maybe you can have a try.

Iaggnjy Mon 17-Oct-16 09:11:15

If you accidentally deleted some photos from Samsung galaxy, the Samsung Data Recovery software will help you bring the deleted photos back. It supports various Samsung mobile phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/ S6/ S6 Edge/ S5/Note 7/Note 5. It allows you to preview and restore data from Samsung Galaxy internal memory card/SD card.

Jessie143 Sat 29-Oct-16 21:01:25

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sweetzztt Fri 18-Nov-16 08:49:45

Generally speaking, the deleted photos were still saved on your phone, you can use an app to detect them on computer, try Coolmuster Android Data Recovery, it could detect your lost photos and get them back.

ddee897 Fri 09-Dec-16 00:21:02

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user1492510678 Tue 18-Apr-17 11:37:43

So are you also using Dropbox's automatic picture upload feature? If so, then your photos should be in your Dropbox's "Camera Uploads" folder.

Even if they're gone from your Dropbox, I believe they are still recoverable for a limited time (although this might require a request to their customer service).

Mansfer Thu 13-Jul-17 04:16:35

A great Android data recovery can easily help you recover deleted pictures on Android phone. you can follow the steps below:
1. Connect your android phone to PC via USB cable
2. Start scanning and select the file ,
In the end , you can restore lost pictures from your phone ,

kellyiee233 Fri 14-Jul-17 07:40:47

If you don't make a backup for the pics, it's better for you to use a third-party tool to help you recover them. Last time I accidentally deleted my graduation ceremony pics, I have tried many recovery software. I think Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery is the most efficient tool and it helped me get back my precious photos. Hope it can help you, too. Good luck!

Morica Thu 27-Jul-17 06:47:04

To recover deleted photos form your Samsung , there is a guide will show you the easiest way to recover deleted photos from your Samsung galaxy phone,

MumJessica12 Thu 09-Nov-17 15:03:41

Aww that is so sad to hear. But I guess advices from fellow moms here have already helped you with your dilemma.

For future use and for everyone here who might find this helpful smile, if you're using a Mac computer or laptop, you can make use of this Mac photo recovery software. It provides an easy-to-use, dependable option for accomplishing digital media retrieval on a Mac or external device like USB and flash drives, SD/CF and memory cards.

Quick action ensures the best results as waiting too long could cause the photos to be irretrievable. To perform photo recovery software Mac, simply complete the steps highlighted in the linked video tutorial.

davkmana Tue 27-Feb-18 03:57:10

Stupidly deleted all of you xmas photos? Luckily, you can use recovery tools to perform a data recovery on your S2. You can recover deleted photos from Android phone.

jackrussell0285 Mon 02-Apr-18 14:22:37

I think you need try Photo Recovery Software to easily recover deleted photos. The software capable to quickly recover files.

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