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Phone usage monitor app for android

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DuffyMoon Thu 02-Jan-14 15:37:09

Can anyone recommend?? preferably one that sends you warnings etc when near limit

Thank you

Cindy34 Thu 02-Jan-14 17:47:41

Monitoring what?

3G Watchdog is good for keeping track of data usage, keeps daily and monthly stats which can be downloaded as csv if you want to analyse. Free version is fine. Don't think it (or the pro version) will email/sms when near limit.

MostWicked Thu 02-Jan-14 17:52:49

Onavo is good. It tells you how much data each app has used. You can set your limits. It also saves you data.

DuffyMoon Thu 02-Jan-14 18:43:58

Oh sorry...I meant for calls, texts and data smile

nannynick Mon 06-Jan-14 21:38:43

Try OpenSignal. It tells you lots of info about signal strength but as part of that keeps track of your usage. Tracks Dada, Call Minutes, SMS. Not sure how long it keeps stats, 30 days I think.

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