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Security programme for Hudl for 8 & 6yo

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Jellybellyrbest Sat 28-Dec-13 20:47:54

Not at all used to Android in this house, but got the DDs a Hudl each for C'mas. They LOVE them, happily. We sat on 24th & muddled our way through the settings on them to prevent obvious bloops when browsing the internet,. But; I'm aware this probably isn't adequate. So far the DDs have been downloading free games from Google Play & that's it. Has anyone bought a package for parental control/internet safety? TIA

owlbegoingmerrily Sat 28-Dec-13 23:46:58

I got Free Tablet Antivirus by AVG Mobile on the Play Store and it seems to work well.

Jellybellyrbest Sat 11-Jan-14 08:56:51

Thank you owl! Will be downloading that….

niceguy2 Sat 11-Jan-14 10:52:59

You can also within the play store restrict the ability to download apps/games based on age category. When you first open Play store, click on settings and it's somewhere in there.

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