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Raspberry pi

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Llanbobl Fri 29-Nov-13 13:26:02

Daft question number 1 do I need a key board for it? Can I "plug" it in to a laptop to use it's monitor?

Daft question number 2 - can you use SQL to program?

Any help or advice very gratefully received grin

Ferguson Fri 29-Nov-13 19:16:10

Hi -

There have been several Pi 'threads' on MN Primary and Secondary Education in recent weeks which you should be able to find.

Yes - you do need a keyboard, and a monitor or TV set. I'm not sure about connecting to a laptop for a monitor. The Pi website has FAQs and Forums, and there are 'User Groups' throughout the country.

Pi uses Linux, so I didn't know about SQL, but I just looked it up for you and found this :

I guess there must be on-line Pi enthusiast groups, if you look for them.

friday16 Fri 29-Nov-13 20:43:42

Q1. Depending on what you're using it for, you can just log into it over the net from a laptop. But doing the initial set up will be very difficult (probably impossible if Unix administration isn't your thing) without a keyboard and a monitor.

Q2. You can install mysql or some other database package.

Llanbobl Sat 30-Nov-13 13:31:29

Thank you both. Very helpful. It's not my thing at all, but I know someone it is! grin

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