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Hudl tablet. Do I need to do anything with them before giving as xmas presents to dds?

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Halfacent Thu 28-Nov-13 06:49:32

Thanks Theas

Theas18 Wed 27-Nov-13 19:30:47

I think eh installed the hp print app. It's not automatically ready to print like iPad but with the right app it's fine

Halfacent Wed 27-Nov-13 19:20:49

Okay, thank-you.

Will it print wirelessly?

Theas18 Wed 27-Nov-13 14:44:57

get AVG free antivirus.

Disable in app purchases etc

It's marketed as " child friendly" and there are internet safety guidelines in the box I think you can set up things ( but ours was for DH so I didn't look!)

Springcleanish Tue 26-Nov-13 07:08:50

We took it out and charged it. It had charge but recommended 3-4 hours before first use. We set up wifi (picked up automatically) and google play for DD, and downloaded about 4 apps she'll like. We set up all the parental controls too. We put a personalised screensaver on, and then popped it all back in the box. It took about an hour of fiddling and reading stuff to check we could use it so she can ask on christmas day if she gets stuck. Worth it for her to be able to open and play on christmas morning.

Halfacent Tue 26-Nov-13 07:01:10

Have got dds a Hudl tablet each for xmas. I don't especially want to spend xmas morning messing about trying to get them to work mainly because I'm technologically naiive. So can anyone help with talking me through what's involved after I've unwrapped them?

Would it be wise for me to set these ip in advance or is it easy and quick to do on Xmas morning?

Do they need charging up for a length if time?

Do I need to create child accounts for my dds?

What about safety use controls to restrict some content?

Is it easy enough to download things like Minecraft?

They work through our home wireless system, yes? So presumably I need to punch in the password code? Will the tablets automatically puck this up when switched on?

If I buy a wireless printer, can they print directly from their tablet (thinking of homework)

Anything else I need to know?

All advice gratefully received.

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