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Help! Constantly crashing mac.

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3littlefrogs Tue 26-Nov-13 20:00:29

My wonderfully competent Ds has managed to copy everything onto another hard drive and booked me an appointment with the apple store.

Thank you for your reply though. I appreciate it. I was panicking last night, but things look better today.

widowerbutok Mon 25-Nov-13 22:40:25

I have just googled 'my mac keeps crashing' and most results indicate that a recent download can cause the problem. Have you any recent downloads you can remove? Sorry not much help

3littlefrogs Mon 25-Nov-13 21:50:10


3littlefrogs Mon 25-Nov-13 21:38:07

Distraught teenager is desperately trying to back up files before the mac dies, but it keeps crashing before the back up is complete.

Before I try to book a session in London, can anyone recommend a reliable trustworthy company that might come to us? It is going to be so difficult to organise time to do this.

I have spent a couple of hours in the local computer shop, and spent £60 on an external hard drive, but we have been trying to back up files for the last 3 hours and can't do it because the lap top keeps crashing.

My nerves are in shreds and the homework hasn't been done...

I would really appreciate some advice.

(The screen goes green and black and alarm sounds).

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