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I want a phablet...

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Daisybell1 Sun 24-Nov-13 09:56:49

...really really badly...

It's currently between the Galaxy Mega (which is cheaper than my current contract but only has about 4gb usable internal memory), the Note 2 which I don't know much about, or the Xperia z ultra (which is more than I currently pay).

Does anyone have any experience of any of these?

Theas18 Mon 25-Nov-13 10:34:47

do you really wants a phablet? Wat are you going to use it for? Is it really the ideal device or a poor compromise for both?

I have a note 1 which is fine but I am probably going back to a phone sized phone next time. It's too big to use one handed in bed etc really. Functions are great though and I'd go for a Note 3 ( or 2) if I was getting another.

The mega is a tablet that makes calls BUT 4Gb internal memory isn't really much at all. It will frustrate you quickly.

Daisybell1 Mon 25-Nov-13 13:32:07

Thank you for replying smile.

I think I do want a phablet, but I take your points. I'm planning on using it as a tablet at home (we don't have one) and for research sneaky mn-ing at work. We have terrible phone reception at home, so I rarely use it for calls.

That is a good point about the internal memory of the mega and one which had been worrying me. I'm completely in love with the Sony Z Ultra and that's got the 16gb internal memory and an SD card as well so it seems to tick the boxes.

OH has been trying to talk some sense into me - plan of action (as of last night so could change by 10pm tonight) if currently to try and root my rapidly dying current phone to get a few more months out of it until the price of the Z ultra comes down a bit... I've never rooted a phone in my life so this could all go horribly wrong!

niceguy2 Mon 25-Nov-13 15:02:16

The new Sony looks really nice and I must admit the waterproof/dustproof is an attraction.

That said....i'm a big fan of the Note series. I have the Note 1 still and the Note 2 wasn't enough of an upgrade for me to part with my money. The Note 3...i'd love that!

My neighbour has the Mega which is a tad TOO big in my opinion. It's just gigantic and ppl already comment on the size of the Note!

Just bear in mind though that the Note 2 also has 16GB internal SD storage and can take microSD cards too. You can also buy spare batteries which is an utter godsend. Having two batteries means I am no longer tied to a plug socket. I just have one on charge, the other in the phone. And if I am travelling I charge both and I know I can last a good couple of days. Even long haul flights are fine!

The other thing I'd say about the Samsung is that they are so popular now that there are plenty of accessories you can get. The downside with going with the gorgeous but less popular Sony is you will be restricted in the accessories like phone cases you can get. Also with other ROM's, you will find much better support for the Samsung than the Sony.

Lastly you may want to hold fire if you can for the Samsung Grand 2. The new Grand is basically a cheaper Note 3 without the stylus. I love the Note 3 and would love one...but it's bloody pricey!

Daisybell1 Tue 26-Nov-13 22:04:52

Its lovely looking, isn't it?

I've not seen the Mega in the flesh yet, and I can't afford the Note 3, but I take your point about the internal storage - 16gb is much better. And I hadn't even thought about batteries that way (ie having a second on charge all the time). I think the Sony is sealed so I wouldn't be able to do that with the battery.

I'd not even heard of the Grand - that could be the perfect balance!

Daisybell1 Sat 14-Dec-13 19:37:00

A quick update - I managed to get a Note 3 for £27 a month grin

chateauferret Sat 28-Dec-13 21:44:35

What the phuck is a phablet?

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