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Has anyone got one of the new convertible laptops? Would you recommend?

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Glittertwins Fri 29-Nov-13 03:25:32

Look out for pricing this weekend. PC World have put a discount on the yoga but increased the "before price". They now have it for £584.99 with the before price being £649.99 - it was £599.99 yesterday (28th Nov) so not quite the discount they are making out.
John Lewis have got the at the 10% off the previously discounted price of £599.99 making them £539.99 with 3 year guarantee. Got my order in now smile

bigTillyMint Sun 24-Nov-13 15:43:53

Well I did a reccie at PC World which was crawling with advisors, and relayed the main info to DD. She now needs to come and look to decide what is most important to her - processor speed, screen size, looks, etc within the price range!

1sassylassy Sun 24-Nov-13 15:32:39

Its all a bit of luck though,I had an HP laptop,after three years of being used for 10-12 hours daily I gave it to dd and bought the latest HP model which lasted for 17 months and my old one is still going strong.
Glad to hear you rate Lenovo though as that was my latest choice.

Glittertwins Sun 24-Nov-13 15:21:45

I don't rate them and a friend's went horribly wrong 2 weeks after the warranty expires. I've used Lenovo / IBM for work for the past 10 years with no problems so I am sticking to something I know is reliable.

1sassylassy Sun 24-Nov-13 15:15:39

Asua regularly top reliability polls,so wouldnt discount them by brand alone.

bigTillyMint Sun 24-Nov-13 10:31:53

Oooh, Glitter, thanks for that! What's wrong with Asus? And shock at having to get two!

Glittertwins Sun 24-Nov-13 05:14:41

We 're going for the Lenovo yogas but the one with the intel i3 processor and bigger hard drive. Won't touch Asus and our PC support at work also reckons Lenovo although they said to get an i5 as minimum but we have to get two.

bigTillyMint Tue 19-Nov-13 20:06:16

Try again with links! Lenovo Yoga or Asus Vivobook

bigTillyMint Tue 19-Nov-13 13:41:33

I am looking to get DD a laptop for Christmas and am wondering whether to go for a straight-forward laptop or an [[ Asus VivoBook S200E-CT216H 11.6-inch LED Notebook (Intel Core i3-2365M 1.40GHz Processor,4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB HDD, Touchscreen, HD 3000, USB 3.0, HDMI, HD Web Camera, Windows 8) Asus vivo-book]] or Yoga MAS25UK 11-inch Convertible Laptop - Orange, Nvidia Tegra T30 1.3GHz Processor, 2GB RAM, 64GB SSD, WLAN, BT, Webcam, Integrated Graphics, Windows 8 Lenovo Yoga

It would be for homework (mainly using word/publisher) and the usual teen-stuff like you-tube, FB, etc. Not gaming, but she does stream TV and films.

Any advice?! confused

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