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Child proofing an ipad

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butterfliesinmytummy Tue 12-Nov-13 03:14:56

We have decided to buy dd1 a pad mini for Christmas, mainly so that she can read kindle books but also play some games and do a bit of Internet research for homework etc.

We have apple accounts but she won't have a password and I know I have to switch off in-app purchases on her ipad, but can anyone recommend a child friendly internet browser app or other apps that will protect her as she uses the ipad? I was also looking for an app that switches the ipad off at a certain time (I think the kindle fire does this) so that she's not using it at all hours, but it don't think apple allows apps that can control the basic functioning of its products..... Is this correct? Anything else I should be aware of?

Flamingmaracas Tue 12-Nov-13 22:52:39

I don't know if you can set up google safe search on the iPad - might be worth a go.
Fwiw (and I'm typing this on my beloved iPad) I think the parental controls on iPad are crap. I think android have a better handle on it from what I've read.
You can get app locking apps which would require your dd to enter a password before being able to access an app.
For what you are describing your dd's needs to be the iPad mini is a very expensive toy! You can get a nexus for less or a hudl for even less.
Don't get me wrong I love apple but for the basic stuff your dd will use it for it's a pricey option and you are stuck with whatever memory size you buy (a pain if she wants to add bulky items like films).
HTH smile

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