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Can you help me choose a PVR?

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GlassOfPort Sun 10-Nov-13 18:13:53

We would like to buy a recorder that allows you to pause live TV. We don't have any subscription to Sky, BT etc, so we were thinking of a Humax or Echostar. DH says he has read bad reviews of the latest Humax and is inclined to go for the Echostar. Given that I have never heard of them and DH can always be relied on to choose cheap stuff of dubious quality, I am a bit unsure. Any thoughts or suggestions?

We have a Humax Freesat box and it's great.

You say you don't have a Sky subscription, but do you have a dish? If you di, I recommend the Humax HDR-1000.

GlassOfPort Sun 10-Nov-13 18:28:41

No Freesat either, just Freeview

I've not heard of Echostar. They review quite well on Amazon, but there are a few people that have had faulty boxes.

The Humax boxes review better on the whole and if the HDR-200T Freeview box is a s good as my HDR-1000 you won't be disappointed with it.

EasyFromNowOn Sun 10-Nov-13 21:31:55

I have the Humax freesat box and it is excellent, although a little slow to start up from sleeping. I also bought the freeview one for my dad and he thinks it is fabulous, a vast improvement over the several cheapy ones he'd had before. My mum also finds it easy to use, which is a miracle in itself.

GlassOfPort Sun 10-Nov-13 22:30:59

Thank you both, I will read a bit more on the Humax then.

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