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Tablet for watching films , TV playing games when no wi fi connection.

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outtolunchagain Sun 10-Nov-13 11:15:56

We have an ipad (retina) which gets used a lot but I have been wondering about getting another cheaper tablet specifically because we are going on a long trip at Xmas and there will be times when there will be downtime or waiting around an being able to watch a film,play a game etc will be useful for the teens and 12 year old.I was trying to get something a bit less in price than an ipad mini

Initially I was attracted to the kindle fire(despite the amazon tie in)as it has a good display and was cheaper,however i now find that you can't download films to it only stream and as we won't always have a wi fi connection thats no good .

There seem to be quite a lot of horror stories on here about the nexus and kids so ruled that out .JL have the samsung tab on special offer which dh like the look of but we all use BBC iplayer a lot and apparently samsung is incompatible with that ,so that seems to rule it out.

Help where to go next or should I just bit the bullet and go for another ipad in mini format.Another concern is virus software ,we are a mac household so not sure about how virus software works and if I can be bothered with all that again .

Chanatan Sun 10-Nov-13 13:44:52

My samsung uses BBC iplayer

tribpot Sun 10-Nov-13 14:10:28

Both my Samsungs can use the iPlayer and Media Player apps, although I have to say that for children the selection the Beeb make available to the apps (rather than the desktop site) is not great.

Lots of tablet games are intended to be played with an internet connection so you may need to choose carefully, but I have an SD card in my tablet so I have many hours of telly and film to keep me (and ds) amused when travelling.

I would definitely recommend the Samsung, esp if JL have it on special offer. I have no virus software installed on it but there are free options available.

outtolunchagain Sun 10-Nov-13 14:59:59

Thanks tribpot that's very useful , can I ask which Samsung you have ?

tribpot Sun 10-Nov-13 15:04:21

I've got two of the 10 inch Samsungs - a Galaxy Tab 2 and a Note.

In hindsight I should probably have got a 7/8 inch for ds, easier for him to hold. But screen rather small if, say, 2 of you were going to watch a movie in a hotel room.

MrsAMerrick Sun 10-Nov-13 21:13:49

I have aSamsung Galaxy 8". it's fine with iplayer, and you can download films to it - although I haven't bothered. I love it, and the 8" screen is fine. I can hold it in the palm of my hand , and fit it into quite small bags.

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