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Creating posters

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Loonytoonie Thu 07-Nov-13 22:12:37

Does anyone know of any good programs I can use to create a poster to advertise my school concert?

Publisher looks naff IMVHO
or maybe it's because I'm naff at creating them lol

Mogz Fri 08-Nov-13 04:01:11

Will you be creating your own artwork or using clip art/photos? And do you have time to learn a whole new program?
Manga studios is great for creating original art. Indesign is used by a lot of graphic/magazine designers for designing an overall poster/page/etc.
They'll both cost you though.

Loonytoonie Fri 08-Nov-13 05:22:36

Thanks Mogz - how much do you reckon? Are they easy to navigate?

Mogz Fri 08-Nov-13 05:53:25

Manga Studio 5 is currently on sale for $47.99 (normally about $80 I think)
Adobe indesign is available as a free trial, not sure how long it lasts though. It will set you back a few hundred quid to buy, can you sign it off as a business expense?

I expect you'd need to look up a few tutorials to get yourself started, I managed to teach myself the basics of both within a few weeks, due to my own strengths and how I use it (for posh event guest lists, html email design) I find indesign easier. The learning curve can be quite steep, but if you've got time to play about with the tools without a looming deadline you'll soon find you can create stuff that looks pretty good.

lljkk Sat 09-Nov-13 10:15:13

We use Powerpoint at work.

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