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Help me choose a laptop sleeve & USB drive? (Vicarious shopping thread)

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lljkk Wed 23-Oct-13 13:31:55

I have new work laptop (13" screen) but someone forgot to order a cover for it.
USB memory stick (8-16MB) would be good addition, too.
I could buy bog standard plain black case & stick, but I'd so like items with a little bit of personality instead. Yet, must be mature & suitable for the office workplace.
Anyone fancy making some suggestions, smart and decent quality but not boring?

lljkk Wed 23-Oct-13 17:58:47


12thmonkey Thu 24-Oct-13 09:31:55

for flash drives i would go iwth kingston.
they have a fantastic reputation for quality and durability. I would shop around as there are hundreds of outlets and prices can vary, ebay is good.

for cases, it depends on the laptop you have, again put in 13inch laptop case in ebay and you will have reams to chose from.

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