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Skype - son's sending me messages from China and I don't know what to do

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wetaugust Mon 14-Oct-13 16:05:49

Can anyone please give me a bit of help with Sype?

Son set me up a Skype account and added himself as a contact.

We had a conversation on Sunday while he was in his bedroom and I was downstairs. he just popped up on the screen and I answered.

He's now arrived in China and I've come home to find a Sype message from him saying his phone (obviously ) doesn't work in China. he must have sent the message from his gf's PC.

What do I do to get in touch with him?

I have logged into Skype and can see him as a contact but which icon do I click on to contact him?

Sorry to be so dim.

missnevermind Mon 14-Oct-13 16:15:06

click the telephone with the up arrow

fuckwittery Mon 14-Oct-13 16:17:51

Do you want to ring him or send him a text message on skype?

madeupstuff Mon 14-Oct-13 16:19:31

The 'call' button is usually green.

You might have issues with 'the great firewall of China' (yes, that's a thing).

If you use the message/chat rather than a voice call, watch what you're saying it is VERY likely to me monitored by the state and things might get tricky.

wetaugust Mon 14-Oct-13 17:11:48

His phone doesn't work in China - as madeup advised.

So what are my options please?

I'm seeing 2 green buttons - one is Video Call and the other is Call Phone.

No good calling phone so do I opt for Video Call?

If I send him a text - how do I do it and will he get it if his phone doesn't work.

He's offline at the mo.

I am a useless dinosaur sad

fuckwittery Mon 14-Oct-13 18:31:34

Both options are to "call" him on the computer when he 's showing online, nothing to do with his phone.
When he's online, video call will connect you by both sound, and your webcams, so you can see and talk to each othrr on the computer.
Call phone is just sound, can't see each other.
But he needs to be online for this to work.

Sometimes people divert skype calls to their mobiles, obv that wont work for him, I guess he's just saying don't bother text or call his mobile.

You can also send him a text message on skype in response to his message, which he'll be able to read next time he logs onto skype.

fuckwittery Mon 14-Oct-13 18:32:22

I would suggest responding to his message on skype and asking what time he'll be online. Can you see the reply button when you read his message?

wetaugust Mon 14-Oct-13 19:27:21

Thank you fuckwittery.

I thought the phone symbol meant phone - so thanks for explaining it's just sound.

He's still offline.

Good idea to send him a text message via Skype. I'll see if I can do that. It's 2am in Beijing so I expect he'll be offline for a while.

wetaugust Mon 14-Oct-13 19:28:47

No, there's no reply option.

fuckwittery Mon 14-Oct-13 21:40:39

Hmm thats strange. You should def be able to send him a message like he did to you. Im on ipad though so cant look at skype to see what you should press. Is there any message option if you click on his name.

BerstieSpotts Mon 14-Oct-13 21:44:54

If you click on his name then it should bring up a box to the right with his previous message in it. There will be a box at the bottom which if you click on, you can type a message in. You send it by pressing enter.

Just try it now, type "test" and press enter. It should appear like this:

wetaugust 23:42 test

(Obv with your skype name and not MN name smile )

If this works then you can type whatever you want in and it will show up as a message on his screen the next time he logs into skype.

When he comes online he can reply and this will show for you when you log in.

If you are both online at the same time then you can type into this box to each other and it will come onto the screen, a bit like a mumsnet thread (but only visible to you two smile )

BerstieSpotts Mon 14-Oct-13 21:46:03

Have you used facebook chat before?

wetaugust Mon 14-Oct-13 23:06:32

I’m definitely logged into Skype.

I have one contact – my son. He’s still offline

I’ve found a box (underneath his latest message) that says ‘Send video message’ so I’ve typed in a message and hit ‘Send’.
Seems OK. smile

I suppose he’ll find the message when he next logs on?

Bertie – I don’t have a Facebook account. I don’t even have the sort of phone that you can use on the internet. blush

Thank you everyone. I really appreciate your help. He’s halfway round the world and dickhead me can’t work the Skype. Pathetic!

HerrenaHarridan Mon 14-Oct-13 23:25:40

Err actually I think you'll find you just did!

Would you talk to your friends like that it is it just yourself your so harsh with?

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Mon 14-Oct-13 23:29:18

You're not pathetic OP, I can't work Skype either.

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Mon 14-Oct-13 23:29:35

Except you can now!!

wetaugust Mon 14-Oct-13 23:30:49

So it doesn't tell you that the message has been sent successfuly - it's just assumed? Like on MN?

Just a bit frustrated as it would have been good to have spoken to him via Skype earlier.

(and am actually feeling very dinosaurish)

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Mon 14-Oct-13 23:31:22

Except you can now!!

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Mon 14-Oct-13 23:32:09

Sorry for double post can't even work sodding MN tonight

wetaugust Mon 14-Oct-13 23:37:14


widowerbutok Mon 14-Oct-13 23:56:42

I think you will know he has seen yr message, because he will

BerstieSpotts Tue 15-Oct-13 11:07:19

Let me know if you don't get a reply and I'll see if I can help more smile I have Skype open now so can describe things a bit better (maybe I can do some pictures for you if it would help!)

BerstieSpotts Tue 15-Oct-13 11:08:12

And - if he can access skype, he can access email, so it might be worth sending him an email (if he checks that!)

wetaugust Tue 15-Oct-13 11:16:47


Looked at Skype this morning. It says that all my messahes are 'Not delivered yet'

No response from son. I've sent him another message asking him if he can access his hotmail account.

It doesn't say that's he off-line anymore but it will be 10pm at night so he may be out / asleeep after the flight.

BerstieSpotts Tue 15-Oct-13 11:21:58

Is it doing the little thing where the message has a little swirling circle next to it?

That means he hasn't logged in yet since you sent them. So I expect he will get them when he next logs in. It's a good sign that it says "Not delivered yet " - that means they're just waiting for him to get them! smile

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