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Where to buy a PC if not PC World?

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FlamingGallah Thu 19-Sep-13 14:45:15

We need a new PC as old one is ancient, slow and overheating. We just use it for surfing and word processing really, and storing photos, and watching occasional online videos.

Any recommendations for a good basic machine, but more importantly where to buy it? Went into PC World yesterday and they were remarkable only in their casualness! But I'd really like to see what I'm ordering rather than risk ordering something blindly eg Dell.

Was wanting to spend less than £500 really, as will hopefully be getting a new ipad too later this year (which will be mine, all mine mwahahaha)

Thanks in advance

southeastdweller Thu 19-Sep-13 17:11:40

I think the expertise at John Lewis and their two year guarantee's make going there worth a visit.

FlamingGallah Thu 19-Sep-13 21:02:23

Thanks, yes I'd wondered about JL. They don't have any cheap ones online but maybe in store

niceguy2 Fri 20-Sep-13 09:01:22

The big Tesco Extra's nowadays have a reasonable selection if you want to have a look first.

Also bear in mind that anything you buy online is covered by DSR so you can return your laptop for any reason at all within 7 days.

I sometimes order stuff from Amazon that I'm not sure if I will keep or not just to take advantage of that. Obviously it has to be returned in pristine condition!

nerfgunsftw Fri 20-Sep-13 09:10:59

For your needs you may be ok with one of these new. 'chromebooks'. Another piece of advice is to list the spec and price of the one you want on Facebook for a day and see if your friends can find a better one.

Purplehulk Fri 20-Sep-13 09:14:11

When we updated our PC last year we went to a local independent guy, who listened to our exact needs and suggested a good (and very reasonably priced) PC, which he came and set up, and he's always at the end of the phone, willing to do home visits, mot's etc.
Much better than the rip off PC and 'insurance' we bought from PC world 9 years ago.
Ask around locally for suggestions and recommendations, or if you are in North Wales pm me.

craftynclothy Fri 20-Sep-13 09:15:09

What area are you in? Maybe one of us knows a smaller shop that we could recommend.

LunaticFringe Fri 20-Sep-13 09:17:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FlamingGallah Fri 20-Sep-13 10:03:42

Thanks for suggestions, I'm down on the south coast if anyone knows anyone good? Hadn't thought of independent shops, always worry what would happen if they went bust

Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 20-Sep-13 10:05:23

Novatech are great - the people there know their stuff and the prices are very competitive. They will build to spec as well according to your needs rather than trying to sell you a massive flashy package with elements that you don't need.

GirlWithTheLionHeart Fri 20-Sep-13 10:05:40


Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 20-Sep-13 10:06:17

Their head office is in Portsmouth, they have loads of shops in the south.

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 20-Sep-13 10:07:07

We went to a local independent company that built me a pc to my spec - for less than it would have cost to by an off the shelf machine - as I knew which aspects of it were important to me and which bits I wasn't bothered about. I chose a company that supplies to local businesses.

Floralnomad Fri 20-Sep-13 10:07:43

If you know what you need / want buying from Dell is ok ,they're extremely helpful ,you buy a tailor made machine and they're good at sorting out any issues . When my son wanted a gaming PC it worked out much cheaper through Dell to get exactly what he wanted ( was more than your budget though) . At the end of the day they all look much the same from a cosmetic POV.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 20-Sep-13 10:12:09

Oh I've just looked and they have consolidated everything back to Portsmouth because of the growth in online purchasing.

I hadn't seen your budget. We spent just under £500 a couple of months ago on a new PC which is pretty high spec - DH is in IT and uses it for various work-related things.

I have bought two desktops from Dell with no problems despite no tech knowledgegrin Got my laptop from Tesco.

gamerchick Fri 20-Sep-13 10:17:52

I always go to an independent and get one custom built because I need a gaming machine. Is that an option? They don't try to sell you what you don't need which helps.

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