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Need to make a short video at work - best way?

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pollypocket99 Wed 18-Sep-13 09:33:47

I have been tasked with filming a couple of colleagues - just a five minute video of them talking to the camera.

Can anyone suggest the best way of going about this? Although it's only going to be short it needs to look quite professional as it's being shown at a senior management event.

Not sure which is the best option? Borrow a video camera and do it myself? Would an ipad be up to the job (but then I am worried about camera shake and poor quality of the video) or get an outside company in?

Mogz Wed 18-Sep-13 12:01:56

A lot of digital cameras have a video function, borrow one with a decent microphone, grab a tripod (to eliminate shakiness) and make sure you're set up somewhere quiet and well lit.
I wouldn't bother with an iPad for it as it probably won't looked polished enough.

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