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Can't download/install update of Adobe Reader on Mac. Help!

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NulliusInBlurba Tue 17-Sep-13 15:03:12

Very frustrating. Have booked flight on blardy EasyJet, all went well. But to check in online now it keeps on sending me through to a screen insisting that I need a new version of Adobe Reader (ie won't let me use Preview), and when I try to install that new version it keeps on failing. I get right though to giving in my password (successfully) and it seems to install and then I get the failure message.
I've looked to see what it might be and deinstalled my virus-program, checked that javascript is enabled (at least it is for Safari, on Firefox I can't even find the preference that allows me to change java settings). Don't know what else to try now. This is soooo stupid, I can't check in for this flight without completing this installation.
Details: Mac OS 10.8.4
Firefox: 24.0
Lovely new quick iMac with oodles of ROM and RAM and whatever.
Currently Adobe Reader 8.3.1 installed. I realise that's not the most recent version but it's worked fine up to now.

Any ideas what else I can try?

widowerbutok Tue 17-Sep-13 21:26:30

Can you delete the version you have now and go to the web site and install the a new, and therefore updated one, again.
I know its a bit 'last chance' but it has worked for me on other such problems. Best of luck.

NulliusInBlurba Wed 18-Sep-13 09:03:36

Hi widower, I did in the end manage to solve both problems (sort of). What I did to install Adobe XI was download the full version rather than just an update, I believe (the version I downloaded was 400 something MB rather than the 76 MB the update would have been) - it seems to be working fine now. Perhaps there was too much of a 'gap' between version 8.3.1 and the new one? I actually quite like the new version - it has a good comments facility.

But then when I tried to do the EasyJet check-in it still kept on directing me to the Adobe site and refused to believe I had a fully functioning PDF viewer. So I phoned the helpline, the woman said straight away 'I'll mail you the boarding pass' - so I get the feeling it's not the first time this problem has happened! I hope this doesn't happen every time I book a flight with them, it could get tedious.

widowerbutok Wed 18-Sep-13 13:06:53

Glad you overcame the problem with the update tho.

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