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iCloud storage nearly full

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Discomama Sun 15-Sep-13 06:45:17

And I have no idea what that means! When I go into manage storage, I appear to have 3 devices, my phone, my iPad and also my old phone. If I delete the old phone data, does that delete any photos that are saved on this mysterious cloud thing? I don't understand!! Photos are the only thing I care about as everything else was transferred to new phone, not that I know how to access the photos....I also have no access to a pc! Help!

nannynick Sun 15-Sep-13 13:47:32

I am not sure about this iCloud thing.

However what I did find on my iPad was that it was backing up things like videos, so huge files. By going into Settings, iCloud, you can then turn OFF iCloud for certain apps. Select Storage&Backup, then Manage Storage, Then under backups, select your ipad - it will tell you the size of the backup it currently makes. You will see Backup Options, where you can list all apps and turn off backup for things, so I have turned it off for things that store video, such as my media player app.

So have a look through to see what is actually being backed up.
Not sure how you would do that on your phone but perhaps it will be similar.

No idea how to get things back from iCloud, or what happens if you reset a phone.

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