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iPad v iPad Mini

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Thirstysomething Mon 26-Aug-13 16:27:53

Dh suddenly announced he has saved up for iPad for my birthday (another of those presents for 'me' which are really for him/kids hmm )
I have one day to decide which one I want, so that we can take it on holiday with us. Have discounted Nexus 7, which head is telling me could be way to go, simply because everything else we own is Apple, so at least we vaguely understand the OS.

But do I want Mini or regular iPad?
And if regular, iPad 2,3 or 4?!

I would:
Flounce around on Internet while doing night feeds with ds4 in bed.
Plop on sofa with it to waste time online window shopping while dh watches cricket.
Store lots of videos on it for electric nanny'ing.
Occasionally kid myself they are doing educational apps rather than Dress Up Princess.
Edit photos on it.

I would carry on using laptop for work, so typing isn't such an issue.

Any thoughts please?

AddictedtoCrunchies Mon 26-Aug-13 16:29:58

Mini is fab. Fits in your bag easily and is a good weight to take pics. Love mine and only had it a month. Full size seems mahoosive in comparison.

mummylin2495 Mon 26-Aug-13 16:35:24

I second iPad mini, I love mine too

Jollyb Mon 26-Aug-13 16:37:48

I'd go for the mini. Fits in handbag and light enough to hold in one hand. We have one of each and the 'maxi' feels huge now

Waswondering Mon 26-Aug-13 16:39:15

Fourth the mini for handbag reasons. I love mine very much!

Waswondering Mon 26-Aug-13 16:40:00

(And do put your own lock code on it, known to you alone!! Then it is your gift.)

Toomanyworriedsonhere Mon 26-Aug-13 16:42:19

also love my mini - and don't let DCs near it
it's small enough to carry easily and great for taking photos and noodling on mnet
I'm not sure about editing on it..

Thirstysomething Mon 26-Aug-13 16:54:10

Would it feel too small for two/three kids to watch a video on do you think?
Or Dh and I to watch tv on at a pinch?

Toomanyworriedsonhere Mon 26-Aug-13 17:35:25

I've watched movies on a plane happily - could easily have more than one watching it, but not sure I'd be happy using it to watch long videos at home.
It's quite new and I love it more as time goes on - I know I wouldn't take full-size ipad out and about with me, but mini fits in even a small bag and is light.

forevergreek Mon 26-Aug-13 17:41:09

Mini. The original gets heavy after a while if holding up.

We have a stand for mini and can easily watch in bed/ kids watch on plane together etc

SoupDragon Mon 26-Aug-13 17:43:18

Regular. Especially if you want children to share it and to edit photos.

MissMilliment Mon 26-Aug-13 17:45:47

I prefer the mini too. Easier to use when lolling in bed/on sofa. Easy to carry around. Haven't touched the big ipad since I got my mini.

Pusspuss1 Mon 26-Aug-13 17:47:52

Get the mini. I have a mini and my husband has a regular one, and we both prefer mine! The regular is too big and heavy.

Mini - friend has full size and wrists get sore reading in bed.

Fits handbag - doesn't make it heavy.

Fozziebearmum2be Mon 26-Aug-13 17:50:18

Regular def! If you get chance go into a shop and have a look, I watch TV on it sometimes (Dh watching dull cricket...) and screen is great.

You can also get great cases for it which means it stands up, so great for lazing about in bed :-)

I've bought iPad 4 as newest model, meant to be quicker and I thought it would be better than older models. Didn't bother with 3G though as already pay one phonebill!!

aliciaflorrick Mon 26-Aug-13 17:51:13

I'm going to go against the flow and say I only really use mine for watching films on so I'd go for regular size. Mine is an iPad first generation so doesn't have a camera so I'm thinking of upgrading to an iPad 2.

If you think you'll only use it at home then regular is fine, but too heavy for out and about, we never take ours out apart from to go on holiday.

At home the regular is fine, I either prop it up with it's stand or use it on a cushion in my lap, or at the table, so no tired wrists.

You need to think about size and 3G or not too, again if you are only going to use it at home no need for 3G.

SoupDragon Mon 26-Aug-13 17:57:55

I take my regular one out all the time.

AddictedtoCrunchies Mon 26-Aug-13 21:31:30

I'm currently sitting in a caravan mumsnetting on my phone watching Chelsea v Man Utd on a mini via Skygo with DH and the screen size is fine for that grin

ouryve Mon 26-Aug-13 21:34:06

Mini. The screen is bigger than a typical small tablet, anyhow. The full size ones are freakin' enormous. You might as well buy a laptop as one of those and have the benefit of a proper keyboard.

SoupDragon Tue 27-Aug-13 07:20:27

LOL. The full iPad is nowhere near the size of a laptop

Chopstheduck Tue 27-Aug-13 07:33:42

Either of them is a bit small for 2-3 kids watching a video on it, but you can just get a wire and plug it into a tv to watch films. If you already have other apple devices, you could even get apple tv and stream wirelessly from it.

dt1 has a nexus and does that with it, the battery life is shite though, so apple is def the way to go. dd has a nook HD and has the same problem - the android OS just really drains the battery.

I have both the mini and the full size ipad. The mini is great for out and about, the full size is just too heavy and won't fit into my bag unless I take a laptop sized bag. I prefer the mini for reading too, it is more book sized! The bigger one is better for watching tv or films, and I have that in the kitchen for tv while I am cooking, etc. DH just has a big one, since he carries a big laptop bag to work, and he prefers the bigger screen as he mostly watches tv on it.

If you do go for the full sized ipad, I'd go for a minimum of 32GB (really min of 64) if you want to put films on it and the newest one with the retina display. The kids use my big one and some of their games can take up a fair bit of space too.

I've never bothered with 3G, as it would just be more expense and I tether it to my iphone instead for internet while out and about.

noviceoftheday Tue 27-Aug-13 07:42:22

I have both, ipad4 and mini. I use the mini a lot more because it is so portable. Also for quietly mumsnetting while trying to get baby/toddler to sleep, mini is better as can be held in one hand and the light from smaller screen doesn't disturb them. I only ever use the regular now when I am at home and not multitasking. Eg in bed. HTH. Happy birthday!

Spottypurse Tue 27-Aug-13 07:45:03

I have a mini and I love it. I love that I can chuck it in a handbag and take it with me.

Except that sometimes it drops the wifi connection - can any one here tell me what to do to fix that?

FannyMcNally Tue 27-Aug-13 07:56:14

Have only had an iPad for a month but I love it. I love looking at photos on the big screen and also not having to maximise the screen to click on links. The whole family can see the screen at the same time to play games etc. I find an iPhone is too small for me so that's why I didn't go for the mini. No 3G but not a problem so far.

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