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Laptop problem with login and pages not responding.

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flipchart Sun 25-Aug-13 09:19:09

Can any one help.

My laptop was working perfectly well before my holiday. I've come back and nearly every time I come to open a site it takes ages and often I get I get. Message at the bottom of the page saying. Facebook not responding or mumsnet not responding oe what ever.

Also every page tht used to open up automatically once I clicked the link is asking for a password every single time even though the 'keep me logged in' box is ticked.

I have had a disk clean up and uninstalled old programmes to see I had too much stuff on that was slowing things down.

All the other computers in the house are running fine.

Eraser Mon 26-Aug-13 13:27:02

Which browser are you using and could you download another to test e.g Chrome or Firefox and have you run a full check with your Antivirus software?

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