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Can I use a router other than that supplied by my ISP?

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LarryMcNue Sat 24-Aug-13 11:58:02

We've got dirt cheap bb from primus

I'm convinced the router they've sent us is rubbish - no wireless if we're more than one room away from it and it comes and goes all the time

I've got the old router from before we switched to primus. Is there a way to use that one, and if so how?


niceguy2 Sat 24-Aug-13 12:43:07

yes you can. The key thing you will need is the username/password for your ADSL account. If it's not been supplied to you then Primus should be able to tell you.

This is usually NOT the same one as for your email. Once you have that then you can log into your old router, put the information in and the rest of the settings are fairly default. It might be worth getting a more technically minded friend to do this though.

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