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ex manipulating Skype history - any Skype geeks out there

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redandblacks Fri 23-Aug-13 16:57:08

Hi Out of my depth here but my ex, being the vindictive waste of space that he is, and a longstanding geek has found a way of trying to discredit my efforts to maintain contact with the DCs. He is not present when he should be and we try and message, check messages etc. Several days later, long messages suddenly appear in the inbox meant to be from dates a fortnight or so ago with the usual manipulative 'Not there again, don't forget I love you' type stuff. It looks as though he was sitting there waiting for hours when infact this was patently not the case. He has also referred to checking Skype usage and saying that DCs were not connected when they should have been. How can I up the security settings to prevent this keeping of tabs on us and how to stop him posting messages retrospectively pretty much as he pleases with retrospective dates. I would hugely appreciate your help here.

widowerbutok Fri 23-Aug-13 17:24:51

I am sure clever people than me can come up with an answer, but looked at Skype and the only way I can see to do that, is if he resets the date and time to an earlier date/time on his PC and sends them quoting that date. Not much you can do if this is what he does.

Littleen Sun 25-Aug-13 10:15:55

Whilst it could well be your ex is manipulating you - some skype accounts have this issue. I have this problem with several friends, that messages do not appear until days or weeks later, and when I speak to my boyfriend on skype if we're apart, he often doesn't get my messages until ages later. It is a common issue, but if you are worried, I would suggest saving your skype log so you have proof!

redandblacks Sun 25-Aug-13 10:25:49

Thanks. I am pretty sure that he has been changing the clock as widower says because that would be very typical of the way in which he behaves. I am aware that Litleen mights also be right but how to save the Skype log other than cut and paste (which I did), only to find a whole different set of messages added the next time I logged in (had been logging in regularly). Copying the screen does not show that he has done anything wrong? Also, how can I stop him being able to monitor our usuage of our account?

Metal Mon 26-Aug-13 21:42:39

Skype doesn't send a message until both people are logged on at the same time, so if he sent a message 2 weeks ago when you weren't logged on, it wouldn't be sent until both of you were on at the same time as eachother. I'm not sure if that affects dates or not.

There's some discussion of that here:

Metal Mon 26-Aug-13 21:44:23

Or, a more up-to-date and official thing:

Quackster Mon 26-Aug-13 21:47:06

Yes, you can spoof timestamps on skype. I can alter my system date to a fortnight ago, and leave a message to another account in which it will prompt said message at that allocated time.

But be wary, as Metal points out, messages are only fully sent whenever the participants are online. For example, would your ex have a variety of things that could run skype?

For example, if I sent you a skype message from my work machine, and you where not online, you would not receive it until I was online on that specific machine, and you where online.

tribpot Mon 26-Aug-13 22:11:11

I'm not sure what your ex is referring to when he says he's been checking your Skype usage and you were not online when you should have been. I just logged in to see if I could right click on a contact and see a list of events like when they logged in, out etc. Not a bloody thing (nor would I really expect to be able to, to be honest - Skype is a chat client, not a forensic time recording system!).

Presumably he is hoping to intimidate you by making you think he could submit the logs to a court to show that you prevented contact from taking place. Not something actually to worry about.

However, I'd be tempted to suggest moving over to Google Hangouts because these can be scheduled in the calendar.

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