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How do I get rid of "Snap-do" from my default browser?

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NigellasGuest Wed 14-Aug-13 11:36:05

Instead of loading google chrome I get this annoying snap do thing. It's an annoying add on that one of the DCs must have downloaded. I have looked at my programs with a view to uninstalling it but it isn't listed there.

Please help me Geeks!! thanks

Chanatan Wed 14-Aug-13 20:44:12

removal instructions here

however if you can work out when it was downloaded you could use system restore to restore pc to as it was before it was downloaded and installed,remember that will also mean your dc will lose the program they downloaded.

NigellasGuest Thu 15-Aug-13 14:56:45

Thank you Chanatan - the removal instructions have worked! thanks thanks thanks

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